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April Facey – Canada’s Most Fun Female Player

March 2 Sandra Wong

I accidentally met April during a rant of how her aces got cracked for the third time in an all-ladies tournament about a decade ago. I couldn’t help but smile nervously as it was my first live tournament ever, and literally knew no one in the room. I listened to her story and was just glad someone talked to me. After her rant, April was joined by many of her poker girlfriends, and left without saying much else.

April Facey one to watch

Since then, April has become a regular familiar face I am always  so happy to see when I walk into a poker room. And no, not because she is a fish, but because she is full of life. I have played many fun nights of cash with April, from Vancouver to Las Vegas and not once had a dull time. She is probably the most fun person to play poker with, not just with her maniac style, but her infectious personality. Over the years I have really come to respect her natural ability for the game, and without a doubt she is one of the scariest female players to come out of Canada. She is so capable of value bet-bluffing rivers with an A-high that it’s annoying. 

Here is April Facey and I at EdgeWater Poker room taken before they reduced down all the tables which makes me so sad about the ever declining state of Poker in Vancouver 2015. 🙁

If you are a female looking to play in the Vancouver area, you are in better luck than the boys however. Be sure to check out the Vancouver Ladies Poker league, created and organized by Jenn Assu & Lisa Lan, this league is truly a league of her own. Hands down, this is the strongest and tightest group of women poker players in the poker world. Don’t  believe me? then put your money where your mouth is and challenge them to a heads-up battle?! 😉


So let’s get to know this hot blond poker chick named April Facey!

April Facey is a well recognized poker player in Vancouver. Playing since 2006, April debuted on Fox’s Calvin Ayre’s wildcard poker. Her aggressive poker style has awarded her with several final tables and wins throughout the years.

  1. Favorite Food to eat while playing? I don’t generally eat at the table, but if I do it’s either fruit or vegetables
  2. Drink of Choice? Alcohol -> rum and diet, non-alcohol-> soda water with lime
  3. Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why? Tournaments->Aria, Las Vegas – I like the room/atmosphere  Cash->Fraser Downs, Cloverdale – for the soft game and it’s pretty quiet
  4. Favorite Poker Hand? JTss
  5. Favorite Player/mentors? I look up to and learn from so many players, from the awesome ladies I play against in the Vancouver Ladies Poker League to some great pro’s – Seiver, Mercier, Negreanu – I try to look at the best aspects of everyone’s game and use it.
  6. Good luck charms? My card protector of my son Ryder
  7. Give us your #1 tip to share with other players? Play to win
  8. Recommended books? & Favorite Authors. I don’t have any favorite – I’ve read most and have found and use great bits of information from each
  9. Do you play online? Where? rarely – if I do it’s usually playnow for a satellite
  10. Favorite Game? NL holdem – I wish I had the time to learn other games
  11. Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far. When I chopped the Geroy Simon tournament for Cancer research, my dad was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and I told him I was going to win and knock Geroy out for his jersey, I did both.
  12. What are you working on right now in your game or life? I’ve decided that this year is the year of me in both poker and life and I’m working hard to make it happen.
  13. Where will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans? WSOP!!

April with hookers
April Facey with Poker gal pals, Nancy Birbaum, Mylyne Santos & Louise Jean – Bling! 

Geroy Simon



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