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Alex Bylicki – Not just Any Poker Player

February 27 Sandra Wong

Alex Bylicki is not just any poker player from Vancouver, Canada.

He is one of the nicest guys in the entire poker scene. I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans with Alex Bylicki to play in the WSOP Nationals in 2013 and had dinner with him on the cruise ship. Here is a photo of us representing Canada here, along with Idris Gencoglu and Dave Pecaski.

wsop-boat cruise poker

alex wsop dinner


Alex Bylicki tells me that he spends most of his playing time online, but can also be seen at tournament stops around North America and local cash games in Vancouver. Alex began playing poker in high school and began to take the game much seriously a few years later. Clearly he is also very humble because not once does he mention that he is also the first ever to win a WSOP circuit ring in an online event via If you ever bump into Alex Bylicki on the virtual tables there, you will see he has a special table avatar. I think it’s gold.


Here are some fun things I asked Alex Bylicki to share:

1) Favorite Food to eat while playing?
I’m not a big fan of eating while playing live, but if I have to then I would go with fruit.

2) Drink of Choice? Heineken or Vodka Cranberry

3) Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why?
Calgary, Deerfoot or Grey Eagle casino. I enjoy playing there as the cash games are always packed and full of action. The tournaments are very well run with a different series behind held every couple of months, with great prize pools.

4) Favorite Poker Hand?
J9 of spades

5) Favorite Player/mentors?
Joseph Cheong / Jason Somerville

6) Good luck charms?
None, maybe I should find one!

7) Give us your #1 tip to share with other players?
Do your best to neither celebrate or get frustrated mid-session. Find ways to do this after.

8) Recommended books? & Favorite Authors?
Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Leo Tolstoy, Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King

9) Do you play online? Where?
Yes, I play mostly at pokerstars, but at 888poker and Playnow as well

10) Favorite Game?
No limit texas holdem. Im terrible at all other games, it’s definitely something I should be spending more time on, especially Pot limit Omaha.

11) Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far.
I don’t think I would choose a financial gain as my biggest achievement. I think it would have to be relating what I’ve learned from poker and applying it to daily life.

12) What are you working on right now in your game.
This list is really endless, there are so many things to constantly work on, which isn’t a bad thing as it creates better work ethic. The game is constantly changing and its important to keep up to date and find new ways to adapt. I’m trying much harder lately to spend more time studying and talking over hands with friends.

You can follow Alex Bylicki Poker on Twitter @AlexBPoker for more of his poker updates & tweets.


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