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Poker Players

Featuring poker insider information on the world’s most well-known and up-coming professional poker players and card players. Find player background stories, success and poker results records, learn about their strategies & tips, what their favorite poker books are, their advice for amateur players looking to play professional poker and more interesting tidbits you will not find anywhere else.

Paula Stregger – Canada top female poker players

Every poker player has players they highly respect and Paula Stregger is one of those players for me[...]

Persia Bonella – Fresh from 2015 Nevada State Ladies Poker Championships

Persia Bonella – One female poker player to watch & fresh in the poker scene You know whe[...]

Idris Gencoglu

This is my friend, I call him Adrian, but the poker scene knows him as Idris Gencoglu. So how did I [...]

Louise Jean – Bracelet Bling into 60!

Louise Jean – aka Bling Poker/Investor/Star/Canada’s Top Women Poker Players Louise Jean[...]

Calen McNeil – Canada’s Favorite Omaha Star

Calen McNeil is so famous! I still remember the exact moment I met Calen McNeil in the poker room at[...]

Bo Fric – Calgary Poker Player

Bo Fric – Calgary Poker Player As soon as I met Bo Fric at the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary, I [...]

April Facey – Canada’s Most Fun Female Player

I accidentally met April during a rant of how her aces got cracked for the third time in an all-ladi[...]

Benjamin Reason – Poker Coach/Guru

Benjamin Reason – Poker Coach/Guru The cool thing about travelling the poker scene is meeting [...]

Alex Bylicki – Not just Any Poker Player

Alex Bylicki is not just any poker player from Vancouver, Canada. He is one of the nicest guys in th[...]

Dr.Tricia Cardner – Poker Author & Player

Dr.Tricia Cardner is one of the most interesting personalities I have met in poker travels. I met he[...]
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