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Why you shouldn’t be results orientated in poker

August 26 LuckyLady

Don’t be results orientated in poker & why not…

Hey guys, this blog I am going to touch on a subject I feel is important.

Many poker players I know make the mistake in focusing too much on their results and less on the development of their poker game.

For example I hear many people brag about their win rate or hourly rate for the month and then a few orbits later, they call an all in with a gut shot and get stacked when they miss it. Poker is a funny game; you could be having the best month of your life but be actually playing terrible poker. Running good can mask the many leaks in your poker game! What pokers players need to realize is that the “long run” really matters when it comes to playing this game we all love. Sure you can run good for a while, but players who fail to adapt and improve their game will be busto before they know what hit them.

Personally I was having a great June/July this past year, I was really confident in my play, applying new theories that I recently learned and my bankroll was steadily increasing. This past couple weeks, variance has reared its ugly head and I have been losing the majority of my sessions. What’s important though is that I am making the correct plays and not letting this little downswing affect my game in a negative way. Yes I am losing money, but I am making good reads? Am I making good folds? Am I making the correct value bets? I can honestly answer yes to all these questions.

This is what keeps me level headed when the cards don’t fall my way. Some players when they lose, start losing confidence and start playing badly. This is not the path you want to take when you encounter a losing streak in poker.

My point is that even if you’re winning or losing in poker, you should not be focusing on the money.

You need to be constantly focused on your game and how you can improve it.  By doing this you will plug your leaks, learn new strategies and focus on becoming a better poker player for many years to come. Imagine how much learning you can do if you are fortunate enough to play until your 80 like Doyle Brunson? I am always trying to better my game, I don’t want to ever stop learning and let my ego get in the way. I see so many poker players that are capped out because they think they are the best. This is a HUGE mistake. If you stop learning, you will be left behind when other players are getting better and making a lot of money at the higher limit tables.

Well that’s it for now so I will sign off.

Good luck at the tables and may you never be drawing dead in poker…



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