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Common Slang for Poker Hands

August 13 LuckyLady

Common slang for poker hands:

  •  Dead Man’s Hand: Two pairs – Aces and 8s (A-A-8-8). The hand Wild Bill Hickok held when he was shot.
  • One Jack Off: Three Jacks (J-J-J). “One jack off” from making Four of a Kind.
  • Four Pips: Four Aces (A-A-A-A).
  • Motown: Two pairs – Jacks and 5s (J-J-5-5). Jackson Five.
  • Devil’s Hand: Three 6s (6-6-6).
  • Steel Wheel: Ace to 5 straight flush (A-2-3-4-5) with ace being the low card.

Texas Hold ‘Em has its own lingo. These terms refer to the two hole cards players are dealt individually as opposed to the community cards.

  • A-A: American Airlines, Bullets, Two Pips, Top Gun, Pocket Rockets, Aces Wired
  • K-K: Cowboys or King Kong
  • Q-Q: Dames, Divas, Ladies, Siegfried & Roy, Double Date, Bitches
  • J-J: Jokers or Fish Hooks
  • 10-10: Railroad Tracks
  • 9-9: German Virgin (nein, nein or no, no in English)
  • 8-8: Snowmen, Octopuses
  • 7-7: Sunset Strip, Sticks
  • 6-6: Route 66
  • 5-5: Speed Limit
  • 4-4: Sailbots or Magnum
  • 3-3: Crabs
  • 2-2: Ducks

Many non paired hole cards have slang terms.

  • A-K: Big Slick
  • A-Q: Big Chick
  • A-J: Black Jack, Jack-ass or Ajax
  • A-8: Dead Man’s Hand
  • K-Q: Royalty or Marriage
  • K-J: Kojak
  • K-9: Canine
  • Q-J: Maverick or Oedipus
  • Q-3: Gay Waiter
  • J-5: Jackson Five or Motown
  • J-4: Flat Tyre
  • 10-5: Five and Dime
  • 9-5: Dolly Parton
  • 7-2: The Hammer
  • 5-4: Jesse James
  • 10-2: Doyle
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