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Bad Beats – Series 1

August 13 LuckyLady

Every month we will be posting the best and worst Poker Bad Beat Stories!

Usually player don’t want to hear about bad beat stories, but we find them great to hear about cause then we know it is not just personal! If you got one you want to share, please comment it to us below… we promise to wince in pain or laugh with you.

Duhamel & Affleck Pocket Aces - Poker Headsup

Duhamel & Affleck Pocket Aces – Poker Headsup

Location: Prince George, BC
Fav Place to play: The Rio – Las Vegas

i have aa
i raise preflop get called flop comes akk i check he shoves i call turn king
they had k 2

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Fav Place to play: Grey Eagle, Bellagio, RIO

was like ak vs 99s
I raise 3bet preflop
he flopps a joint
full house
I have nut flush draw
turn rolls an ace
and he gets it with the goods

Location: Vancouver, BC
Fav Place to play: The Bellagio

my friend chris was deep in the 06 or 07 wynn classic
18 players left
he is chipleader
and he gets in a pot w this guy 3rd in chips
long story short they get all the chips in on a 8-6-2 flop
chris has 66
the other guy flips up 55
turn 5 river 5
the whole fucking tournament room goes nuts
cause first place was 400k

Player: Gary Bolton
Location: Highland, MI

Why is it i get people time after time to put all there money in and waaay behind and i still lose? Last night at MGM i was playing the $50-$300 with $1-$2 Blinds. I was in the big blind with AK suited. There was a $4 staddle and te whole table called. I re-raise to $22 and i got 3 callers. The flop came A77 rainbow. I only had about $65-$70 left so i move all in on the flop. The next guy folded and the other guy slammed in the money to call like he had quads. I ask if he had a 7 and he just gave me a dumb look and didnt show me his cards until the river. The turn was a K hearts which was good for me and the river was a J of hearts which i didnt think wasa bad card. He then says i have a flush. WHAT!! lol he called $22 pre flop with A2 of hearts and $70 on the flop with top pair and a 2 kicker with couldnt even beat the board really. He went runner runer flush when he was basically drawing dead on the flop. Why does this happen so much to me?

I want this guy to play that hand like that everytime. Or do i? The ran i run i think i would have liked to have takn it down on the flop. Whatever…..

Player: Stephan Nay
Location: Edmonton, AB
Fav Place to play: K if I had to choose there are two that stand out in my head… Both in turny play… Once I had pocket 6s and I raised it pre flop and got 2 callers and the flop comes 6-6-9 I check, one guy bets and the othe guy folds…I just smooth call. The turn is a Q , so I bet he raises I shove he calls me and rolls over pocket 9s and rivers a 9… Quads over quads lol

The flop come Qc-10d-Jc which is a horrible flop for my two pair.. It was bet out and I smooth call hopin to fill up and I fill up on the turn with a Qd, so I bet And get smooth called and the river is the Ad so it’s not really a scary card in my eyes when I’m holding a full house…. Qc-10d-Jc-Qd-Ad…. I hvae Qs-Jh…. So I bet he raises, I re-raise and he shoves and I snap call him and he rolls over Kd-Jd for the royal flush…. This is how I run

Location: Las Vegas, NV

over 180 players in a live game… down to 18, only one table for final table… am sitting at the table with the chip average of around 50,000, the blinds are 1K and 2K… am in middle position, I get dealt QQs, so I push all in… just to steal the blinds… everyone folds, except the big blind, who has over 120K in chips… calls me with 84 off suit… am cheering, here comes a double up… flop comes J J 4, am like yes… awesome flop… the turn, another 4, giving him a full house… after that bad beat, I didn’t play poker for over 2 weeks…

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

So this tourney was limit hold em. I’m at the final table with about 30% of chips in play, WAYYYYY ahead of everyone. Blinds are 8K-4K an I’m in small blind. Player 2 ahead of big blinds raises, a call , a call, a call an I look down at AA I raise an first raiser caps. Flop A 2 7 , with 2 diamonds. I bet, a raise, call, call , fold and I reraise an other raiser caps an everybody calls. One player all in. The turn is a 2 of diamond. Karl has nut full house nut everything. Bet , get raised again, player calls all in I raise an other player FINALLY FIGURES I HAVE AA an calls. River is a 7. I bet an now get raised. WTF???. OH no it hits me. I call. Yep retard hits quads on river. Instead of 1 st an $ 15,000 I get 4 th an 3,000.

Location: Coquitlam, BC
Fav Place to play: The Bellagio and Home Games

so, it was a home game. I think a 1/2 buy-in. my buddy had pocket kings in late pos. and raised to (I am going to guess cuz this was a long time ago) say $50. Gets called by two other players, one of which is THE biggest donkey alive. He may have been partially retarded. He was playing nearly every hand. The flop came 55K. The donk bet out 200, other guy folds….my friend goes all in for 600 and the guy snap calls with A 10! Should be a dream situation, but my friend is the most unlucky poker player ever born. turn was a 5 river was the last 5 and buddy sweeps the pot with his quads ace kicker… ouch!

Location: Calgary, AB

filling up on the river with flopped top set only to find out he made str8 flush on turn hurt recently…losing with aces full of tens to quad eights on the river at cash hurt for a few seconds a few years back…until i realized it qualified for bad beat pot….then it hurt a little again when i found out it would have paid 4k more if my neighbor and long time poker buddy hadnt emptied it a few weeks before…..
having my jackass friend Dan whom I am sure you play regularly at deerfoot call every street in a 5 way limit pot which seen every player but him fold when I check rasied capped every street and having him river trip twos holding ace duece vs my aa still pisses me off more than any beat i have ever taken…mainly because it was my jackass friend Dan.
its been like 4 years and it was 2/4 fl but I still want to kick him off his chair everytime we sit down

Location: Alberta, Canada
Fav Place to play: Donny’s House Game & Khanawake Native Reserve Four Aces

i flopped a set of 8′s on a 2 8 k board…got it all in for huge pot in big tourney, other guy shows me his set of 2′s but of course he hit his fourth deuce on the riviera…weeeeeeeeeee

or when i flopped a full house with QQ board came QKK, we get it all in for another big pot guy turns over A 10 for ace high and drawing near dead except for of course when it came running K’s and gave him quads with an ace

Location: Vancouver, BC
Fav Place to play: House Games and The Bellagio

LIVE – doing the beating
1st time I sat down at Bellagio I buy in for $500 and pick up AQ off suit 1st hand I raise to $30 preflop and 1 beautiful pregnant blonde lady calls me.Flop comes AQQ ! I have position 1 bet $50 she raises me all in,I snap call she rolls over AA! Turn is J river is Q!! She stood up beet red! I felt so bad I wished her luck with her pregnancy

ONLINE – taking the beat
I was tryin to showoff to my EX GF once when some dude called my $800 all in nut flush flop online with an over pair to the board.I screamed Honey Honey! Come watch me take all this suckers money!Dude had JJ turn paired the board and river was Jack.I went into Cardiac arrest :(

Location: Vancouver, BC
Fav Place to play: Dad’s Home Game

Playing 1$2$ about 3 years ago, a loose aggressive player bet 15$ on the button I had Aq offsuit in the big blind, I raised 50$, he had about 80$ and went all in. I called and he shows pocket kk. The flop comes kjj. I think I’m pretty much drawing dead but the turn comes J and the river comes J and my quad jjjj ace high wins, as he’s just playing jjjjk :) I was playing at my dad’s home game, my favorite place to play.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Fav Place to play: The Venetian

I was in about hour 14 at Edgewater a few days ago almost even after a few bad hits. I get 8 7 off on the button in a limped pot. The flop is 788 2 diamonds BB bets 15 2 guys call. I raise to 45 BB calls 2 others fold. Turn is a K BB bets 110 I shove all in he flips over K8.
In a $10 buyin 300 players only final table gets paid. 10 players left I have 50K in chips UTG I have AJ suited I raise 3 times one guy with about 45k calls. The flop is KQ10 two diamonds. I check he bets I re raise him all in he calls. He has KQ he rivers a full house. I’m out next hand in 10th place on the bubble. First by the way was $700 before that hand I was in 3rd.

Player: WADE LAW
Location: Horne Lake, MS
Fav Place to play: Full Tilt Poker, Sams Town Tunica

$5/$10 cash game at Harrahs, i buy in for $500, play about an hour with no hands, pickup a few small pots.
Dealt pocket 9s, 3 bet it to $50, get one caller
flop comes out A 9 9, and i check
caller bets me another $50 so i smooth call
turn is a J, goes the same, i check he bets
river is another J, im all in
he calls and shows JJ for quads to beat mine
i hit the jackpot to win $9000 but i got up and walked away
in disgust, hope u like this one cause i still dont
even tho i won big lol

Location: Vancouver BC
Fav Place to play: Bellagio, Las Vegas

I think my most memorable “bad beat” was this laydown i did. I think this is the sickest hand I played live and it went down at Boulevard Casino. I was hold pocket 10′s, pot was raised and reraised preflop to about $400, 4 people in, each s…tacks ranging from $200 to $800 in front of them. Flop comes 4 – 4 – 7. I check, next guy pot sized bet, then a call then an all in… and back to me, i fold & next guy calls & next guy folds. They turn over and one guy flopped quad 4′s and the other was holding 7-7s. Wow! I thought, good laydown…and what a sick flop… until the turn and river came 10 – 10!! NO FRIGGIN’ joke… The only thing lucky about this hand was that someone hit the bad beat the night before and it was only at $1800 or so. Any higher…i think i’d have to puke.

Location: Pemberton, BC
Fav Place to play: Bahamas

It was late at night ….id been drinking a bit but not much
raised preflop with pocket JJ’s
built this pot up to $1500 on 2/5$ cash game
Flop came J22 flopping a full house with 2 spades raised 500 I got reraised 500 next card was a K of hearts I raised again to 1000 and the river came a Ace of spades. i went all in the pot now wprth about 6k and got insta called – guy flipped over pocket two’s

JC Tran
JC tran had alan goering drawing to 1 out
first palce in the tourny was 1M, the LAPC a few years ago
at commerce
they get it in preflop
goering 55, JC AA (with th ace of spades)
flop is xxx all spades
turn pairs the board deuces now
so gives goering 2 outs now
river 5
for a 4MM chip pot and huge chiplead 3 handed
instead JC out in 4th
for like 200k
800k swing

WSOP  Bad Beats

10s over aces
right before the bubble
oh man this one is sick
girl hits
set of 10s
guy hits set of aces
all in preflop
the girl says one time, give me a club one time
10 of clubs roles on river

Best of Poker Bad Beats

Quad aces beat by Royal Flush @ Ray Romano’s table odds 1 in 2.7 billion

Bad Beats happen to the pros as well!

Daniel Negreanu VS Gus Hansen – High Stakes Poker Sixes Full of Fives against Quad Fives

Normally nobody wants to hear a bad beat story…but we do! Please add yours to the comment below if you got one that will make others say ‘Ouch!’

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