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Different types of bonuses and free spins in casinos

January 28 Sandra Wong

Different types of bonuses and free spins in casinos

Just like in any other business it is important to have a strategy that will help you garner and acquire more customers. In the casino business, casino owners are using free spins and bonuses to attract more customers, thus making a profit if done well.

Before we talk about anything else, it is important to know what free spins are. Simply put, free spins and bonuses in casino allow casino customers to still play and gamble without having to use their money. Their money remains untouched while using free spins.

However, it is important to note that free spins and casino bonuses are limited and can only sustain for limited rounds. Afterwards, you are required to play with your own money. Most casinos use free spins as a way of promoting themselves; also they use free spins to welcome new customers.  

The casino industry is growing day by day. New casinos are coming up, and each has bonuses, or free spins offer that will tend to attract a certain group of customers. Therefore, it is important to be careful and take caution. Some of these online casino platforms will not allow you to make a withdrawal, after winning with their free spins and bonuses. As earlier said each casino has its free spins terms. This means that the amount each spin is worth will depend on the casino. Today, they are many free spins and bonuses from different casinos. Here are some of the most popular.

100 free spins no deposit

It means that you will have 100 free spins without having to deposit any of your money. As much as this promotion seems too good to be true, yes it does exist. However, not all casino can offer such free spins. Therefore it is essential to be careful when you come across such an offer. Test and confirm the legitimacy of the casino company. If you find a legit casino, don’t hesitate to play.    

50 free spins, no deposit

This offer will give you fifty free spins without having to deposit any money whatsoever. You can still withdraw whatever you have won using the free spins without paying any fee. Remember such a process is only possible with legit casino platforms.  

20 free spins, no deposit required

Now, this is more like it. This the type of offer that you will come across most casino platforms. Despite the free spins being a bit less, they are realistic. Most casinos do not want to go overboard, that is why they prefer to give you just enough free spins for a start. Remember there is no deposit required, so you do not have to use your money to access and use the free spins.


Wagering is used by different casinos for different reasons. It is a requirement that in a way forces you to place or rather to bet your bonus, free spin or deposit several times before you can withdraw it. For instance, in some casinos, you are required to play almost 30 times before you can withdraw your money.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that bonuses or free spins are changing the casino industry as more and more people are becoming interested. It is also, important to note that such offers are not only for new customers but even for the existing ones as this will give them a reason to continue using your casino.   


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