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Benefits of Online Casinos – Avoid the Zoo!

April 13 Sandra Wong

Why Online Casino?

There are many kinds of people in a land-based casino, some people are angry and frustrated at how their night is going, or others site on one slot machine for hours. You might just want them to move from their penny slots machine so you can win too!  

You can avoid all types of people by playing from home alone.

You can play with your friends or strangers within your own comfort.

Casinos are similar to Zoos and in Poker we use terms like Donkeys, Sharks and Fishes all the time. Well what about a live casino?

Have you ever been to a casino, walked up to join the blackjack table, and had a rude, pushy, over the top rhino next to you? You know the kind of rhino that is in charge and demands the dealer goes faster. Or maybe it was a quiet little meerkat in the corner who just sits patiently, observing, and waiting to strike without anyone taking notice.

Every game has its animals with their ‘personalities’ that you either enjoy or dislike in your company. The only problem is that,in a casino you are stuck with them in the zoo.

There is a sly fox of an old lady who is following you everywhere just in case you have left a coin behind, or the hippo that sits, and sits, and continues to sit on one machine for what seems like eternity.

The way to avoid these creatures? Just play online!

With live real dealer online casinos you are the lion of your pride, the alpha of your troop, the only one you need to consider in this ecosystem! You play from inside your own territory, where you are in the comfort of your own food supply, fresh drinking water, and not at threat by approaching predators. You do not need to fight for dominance or your place in the hierarchy, you simply log on and play when you want, where you want. If you feel like being in a bachelor herd or you have some of your lionesses around for a cheeky wine, why not all jump in the watering hole and play against each other.

Online live real dealer casinos are designed for the entire animal kingdom, from the largest of elephants to the tiniest of mouse’s, it does not matter your size or stature.

The only thing that matters is your willingness to have fun, and that is a primal instinct for all mammals big and small!


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