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Live Dealers In Online Casinos – What’s the Catch?

September 10 Sandra Wong

Fans of real-life experience and land-based casinos say that they love the feeling of immersion when they meet other gamblers and croupiers. Real casinos are cool thanks to the atmosphere. But what about extra expenses like hotel bills or flight tickets? To avoid waste of money, gamblers choose online casino websites which offer nearly everything that land-based casinos do.

We talk about live dealers – specific types of rooms where the action is streamed from the real studio with croupiers. Enjoying innovative features like multi-windows play, rotation, or 3D view, offered, for example, in live dealer casinos on,  gamblers can imagine that they are somewhere in Vegas or Macau. Surely, the experience isn’t the same but it’s at least similar.

How does it work?

Live dealers are real people who work in remote studios. Usually, such rooms are located in Central America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Each remote studio has several playing tables with a lot of cameras which track dealers’ actions. Cameras broadcast live videos through the Internet to casino websites. So far as everything is real-time, gamblers can feel the atmosphere of land-based casinos.

Normally, the screen of the live game combines video streaming and virtual interface. After logging in, you will see a table for card games or roulette with an attractive man or woman near it. The background may feature other tables – there are other live games. Along with that, the screen will show the main buttons allowing you to bet, set volume, track progress, and interact with croupier. Virtual buttons may worsen the experience but they are useful.

Which games are available?

Casinos don’t develop their own live rooms but hire dealers from well-known providers like Evolution Gaming. Large casinos may dress croupiers in branded colors or place logos on tables in private studios. Let’s see which live games are popular in casinos.

Live Roulette

The most common versions are American (features two zero sections) and European. In live roulette, players can bet at any time when the wheel is active.

Live Blackjack

Traditional tables include a single croupier and seven players, so consider that the speed of the process depends on everybody involved. Live blackjack also supports side bets but it’s better to check rules of each new table, as they may vary.

Live Poker

Here are two popular versions: Casino Hold’em and 3 Card Hold’em. The first type is based on the classical Texas Hold’em but gamblers don’t compete with each other trying to beat a dealer instead. 3 Card Hold’em variation is simpler as it involves only three-card combinations. Both games feature various side bets.

Live Baccarat

It’s a favorite game of high rollers who prefer it because of a low house edge. Live dealers are usually present in the version called Punto Banco. Rules are similar to blackjack but it offers more betting options. Live baccarat is suitable for occasional players because minimum bets here start from $5.

Live Sic Bo

The game, originally from Asia, is available on Western gambling websites quite rarely. Sic Bo provides a wide range of bets based on the results of dice rolls. Several players may bet at the same time which is similar to roulette, but neither you nor a dealer can see choices of other gamblers.

What are the pros and cons?

Live dealer games have both positive and negative sides. Let’s check the pros and cons briefly.


  • Real-life experience. Players interact with dealers and with each other, they can even have a chat, ask about rules or simply joke.
  • No automation. Players can see how croupier passes cards or runs a roulette wheel.
  • Availability 24/7. Remote studios hire dealers for both day and night shifts so that live rooms can work all the time without holidays.
  • Extra bonuses. Casinos can provide regular gamblers with additional features like free chips, first loss rebates, or multipliers.


  • High stakes. Live games are more expensive for gaming houses and they have relatively high limits because of that.
  • Slow opponents. Whether gamblers play against each other or against a dealer, they still have to wait for every participant. It can take a while.
  • Need for the Internet connection. For live games, you need a fast connection without any lags.
  • Poor English. Last but not least. Usually, remote rooms are located in places like Costa Rica or Lithuania and dealers there may be not good at speaking English.

Some extra features?

Some casinos buy top-tier products in order to add some interesting options to their live games. It could be the following:

  • Multi-gaming. This feature allows playing at several tables simultaneously.
  • Disconnect-protection. In case a player was disconnected during the game, a special algorithm would make a move. This option is mostly used in blackjack.
  • Multiple cameras. Due to the use of professional studios and cameras, there are top and side views, close-ups, dual-camera angles, and split screens that deliver the effect of a real casino.
  • Audio chat. Normally, users type their requests and dealers answer out loud, but some casinos offer full audio chat for all participants.  
  • Feedback. Customer support teams of a good casino always appreciate receiving some feedback. To meet the need of its loyal customers, a casino may add new games, including ones with live dealers.


If you want to dive into the real-life experience without visiting land-based casinos, live games are the best option for you. Specially designed studios and professional dealers make gambling more engaging and intriguing. You can try playing live in different card games, roulettes, and games of dice.


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