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Live Dealer Online Casino 101

October 28 Sandra Wong

So you want to play Live Dealer Casino Online?

The most popular live dealer online casino games include:

Live Casino Baccarat Online
Did you know that Live Baccarat was the first Live Casino game to be invented! Well it’s true. Live Dealer Casino Baccarat can have the knowledge of a real dealer, enhanced chat capabilities, a player leader board, in-game statistics tracking that help you make better decisions about the game and more.

Live Casino Black Jack Online
Classic casino favorite, black jack online plays just like that in a live casino against the dealer. Live Dealer Blackjack game is the closest a player can get to a real casino feel in the comfort of your own home, and it offers a number of benefits including dealer chat, a player leader board, in-game training, tips and in-game statistics.

Live Casino Roulette Online
A favorite in live land-based casinos and also a favorite in live online casino, Roulette is easily recognized by it’s alternating red and black wheel. The live dealer experience can be spiced up with interactive chat, lots of game information, pattern analysis and a leader board that adds an extra competitive edge. Many betting options. Players are also given the opportunity to play extremely high stakes roulette with some online casinos offering stakes up to $100 000 per spin.

Live Casino Hold’em / Heads-up Hold’em Online
This game is played against the dealer and is  great for poker players looking for a simplified game based on standard poker rules. The live dealer enhances your overall experience with live chat, game insights and statistics and a competitive leader board. (IE. How many of you are playing, folding, calling in the same scenario)

Live Dealer Casino Online

What do some Live Dealer Casinos offer?

  • Live dealer custom rooms with dedicated tables with dedicated dealer. Share or no share with others depending on limits.
  • Live dealer options: country specific or language, sex: male or female
  • Dealer interaction with you and entire network of players
  • Real casino noisy experience similar to live casino
  • Real cards and live shuffling of cards
  • Real casino odds and rules
  • State of the art live video feed and communications technology (fast speeds required) – the technology used delivers excellent clarity and resolution.
  • Integration into land-based casinos so you can really be in on the action

Benefits of playing online Live dealer or Reasons why people like to play live dealer:

  • Trust and security in odds rather than digital RNG cheat possibilities. Many players of casino table games that involve dice, cards or wheels, have been suspicious of RNG – random number generators, and never felt comfortable in it’s fairness to play through digital systems online thinking they are fixed even with regulation and exposed payouts displayed. Nothing creates trust like seeing real cards with real dealers played on real live tables.
  • Players are able to watch every move a professionally trained dealer makes in real time lends a great sense of peace of mind and trustworthiness to the sometimes skeptical online gambler.
  • Social interaction with dealer
  • Social interaction with others playing the exact same hands (We are in this together type feel)
  • True to live casino experience for those unable to be mobile to get to a brick and mortar casino such as time, travel expenses, restricted opening hours, etc.
  • Comfort of your own home, ability to play whenever, however in your pajamas even.
  • Players like to see all gambling devices in front of them such as the card shoe, shuffle and more. We tend to believe what we can see and hear, and this has become the foundation of the increasingly popular live dealer casinos which we have seen appear in recent years.
  • Take more time to play and relax into the casino experience with a live dealer.
  • Less doubt during bad runs in live dealer casino than against a digital computer.
  • You can play whenever you want as online casinos are open 24/7 experience
  • More entertaining for some than just playing against a computer

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