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What is Keno?

August 3 LuckyLady
What is Keno?

For those of that don’t know what the game Keno is, Keno is a lottery style type game where you choose how many numbers you want to play, what numbers to bet on, how much to wager and for how many games you want to play. Think of a lottery that happens every 5 minutes. Keno can offer some of the best odds and payouts in a casino and is enjoyed by many because of its laid back and relaxed nature.

All Keno games start on a schedule and the number of draws is noted on your purchased ticket as well as the digital keno board where the winning numbers are shown.

The great thing about keno is that it can have some of the biggest payouts in a casino, even compared to jackpots, because the prize for choosing and matching the maximum 10 numbers at just a $1 bet can be up to $2million!

To get started playing Keno, you go to the keno section of a casino or local bar that offers keno boards, and get a keno selection slip. There are usually pencils right on the table beside the slips as well. Use the pencil and follow the instrutions on the sheet to select how you want to bet. Once you have your keno wagers all set, then take the slip up to the cashier to purchase your ticket, then simply wait until the next draw is shown.

The numbers will be drawn one at a time by a random number generator and will draw until all the numbers are done. Usually for a keno board that is 1 in 70 or 1 in 80, 20 of those numbers are drawn. See our article on ‘Odds of Winning Keno‘ to see the best way to bet to win the most.

If you match your Keno numbers to what draws, then you win! A good Keno strategy is to sit back and watch a few before jumping in to recognize some patterns on the board.

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