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Keno Strategy

August 3 LuckyLady
Keno Strategy

Keno is an easy game of chance so there is not much to remember in terms of strategy. There are a few tips we think can help your long-term Keno playing and maximize your bankroll so that you can continue to having fun playing Keno while also winning some money in the process.

1) Choice Management

Even though Keno is a game of chance, there are still choices to be made in the game such as how many numbers you choose, which numbers to choose to bet on, how much you want to bet and what keno draws or Keno games you want to play. You might not have control over what balls in the games get released to become winning numbers, but you do control how much money you do win if you were to get the numbers correct. Of course, the easier the odds you play, the less you win and vice versa.

2) Feel out the Game

Before you jump right in, sit back and get a feel for the Keno game that is being played. Watch the board a bit and watch the patter of the numbers. Even though a random number generator is spitting out the numbers randomly, there might be a small chance that patterns can be found giving you a small edge on the game.

3) Keno Way Bets
Way bets in your Keno games allow you to do more with the same Keno ticket. It allows you to take multiple games and in multiple ways on a single ticket so that it is less confusing if you are not betting on 1 game at a time. Many experienced Keno players use way bets to keep track of their bets and maximize their wins.

4) Don’t buy into Keno Myths
There are many online Keno scams, myths and misconceptions revolving around Keno that may claim that they have a method or software system that will guarantee Keno payouts. Such claims should not be trusted and you should use your best judgement. Keno is based on random number generation and does not take into consideration past and previous numbers drawn.

5) Practice makes perfect…
or at least make you feel comfortable while playing. Don’t play a game if you ever feel intimidated going into a casino. There are many places to play Keno online for free for practice or fun. Keno enthusiasts have the opportunity to play keno online for real money but also for play money. In most countries this is a perfectly legitimate practice due to the fact that online gaming is a regulated activity.

Whenever you play Keno, make sure you are having fun doing it. Never wager what you cannot afford to lose.

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