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Keno Games Rules & How to Play Keno

August 11 LuckyLady
Keno Games Rules & How to Play Keno

Keno is very similar to playing Lotto or a lottery. Invented by the Chinese, it was brought to North American by immigrants working on the railroads and gold mines. Keno is a very popular game because it is easy to play and offers the possibility of winning very large payouts on relatively small bets and wagers.

A keno board consists of 80 numbers (1 to 80). The keno machine will then draw a selection of 15-20 numbers out of a possible 80. Just like playing lotto, keno is all about selecting and matching which numbers will be drawn. In online keno, you can select the spots by clicking on them and selecting ‘Place bet’. The exact amount of spots, the amount to bet per game and the number of games a player wishes to select is up to the player.

How to play Keno in 5 simple steps:

1) Find a Keno game to play, whether in a live casino, keno bar or online in an app or website. In live games you will be filling out a keno card using a pen or pencil, and online you will be using a graphical user interface and mouse to guide your keno plays.

2) Players select how many spot game and how many numbers they would like to bet on. Minimum is 2 numbers and maximum is 10 numbers. A selection is called a spot, so if you select 8 numbers, you are playing a 8 spot game.
Payout varies to how many numbers a player plays and how many number spot game.
Here is an example pay table an 8 pick game:

8 Pick
8 of 20 1 in 74,941 odds
7 of 20 1 in 2,436 odds
6 of 20 1 in 199 odds

These may vary depending on where you are playing Keno so be sure you look at the payouts before making a wager.

3) Select how many draws you would like to play. In other words, how many games using the same numbers would you like to play? These will be listed on your ticket and if you match any of your numbers on those draws in regards to the pay table you win.A round of a Keno game is sometimes called a Keno race. In many Casinos, ‘multi-race’ Keno is featured (also called a Way-Bet), where you can play a number of consecutive Keno races at one time and in different combinations. 

4) Select how much you would like to bet per each draw. Most casinos only accept $1 or more bets. Keno draw boards will draw out 20 numbers out of a board of 80 possible numbers.

5) Match your keno numbers on your keno ticket by watching the draw board as they come up, or afterwards by redeeming your ticket at the payout cashier to see if you have won. Some online places may have an auto ticket check to determine winning tickets.

Collect your winnings if you won, or try your luck again if you did not match your numbers!



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