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Brief History on the UFC and MMA Betting

April 18 LuckyLady

Want to know more about UFC and MMA Betting?

Exactly two decades ago a lanky martial artist in a white Gi arm barred, choked, and submitted all of his opponents with technical wizardy. UFC – MMA Betting:  Sports commentators, fighters, and fans alike were in awe of how such an unassuming fighter weighing in at 160lbs could dispatch physically imposing 200lb+ challengers with ease.  In a testosterone filled event with cartoonish like characters ranging the gamut of Kenpo Karate, savate, sambo, pit fighting, boxers, wrestlers, ninjitsu, kung fu, all eventually succumbed to the one  they called Royce Gracie.

ufc & mma betting

He would go on to win the first two UFC tournaments introducing to the world the Gracie family name and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  Each year there would be more combatants joining the foray including body building freaks, bouncer, tough guys, and accomplished martial artists.  Each of these athletes truly fought for pride and recognition.  The million dollar fighters’ purse were non-existent at the time along with sponsorship dollars.  Many states did not sanction any of the fights.  There were no gloves no rules.  This was the dark ages of UFC and the sport of MMA.

Then the next generation came in the mid 2000s with a boxing promoter named Dana White who along with his high school friends’ the Fertittas brothers decided to invest in the UFC through their Zuffa/Station Casino holdings.  As a fledgling company they were ready to cut their losses til TUF 1 (The Ultimate Fighter reality tv show) became a hit with the finals featuring a classic brawl with Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar!  Overnight sponsors were pouring in and the masses were clamoring over the nascent of this new sport.

Presently there’s over 20 live shows, PPVs across the globe annually and growing.  With the increase of eyeballs you can bet there are gamblers placing swathes of money down on their favorite fighters.  Unlike traditional sports there tends to be more upsets to the favorites in MMA betting.  It’s simple.  One lucky punch, one ill timed move can cost the fighter the match even in the closing end of the round.  We all saw the catastrophic ending of the world’s greatest fighter on Saturday December 28, 2013 at the MGM when Anderson Silva the favorite suffered a brutal leg injury against Chris Weidman in the 2nd round.  Anyone can win at any given time in MMA Betting.  Home court advantage does play a role at times, but when shows are based globally who truly has the advantage unless there’s local fighters on the cards and they don’t always win.

The favorites are always in the negatives when one is betting.

For example current ladies bantam weight champion Ronda Rousey was -700 against Miesha Tate which means one would have to bet $700 to earn $100.  Not exactly prime odds unless you’re willing to invest 7:1 to your dollar.  However with Anderson he was -140 against Weidman which considering his accomplishments is fantastic odds even though you’re getting $100 with a $140 investment.

So if you’re not getting the right odds on betting on your favorites then what should one do?

Betting on the underdogs is a safer bet, but this where due diligence comes in sports betting.  Some bouts are fairly clear cut.  However with the rise of competition it’s become more leveled now.  Matchups where the fighters are “favorites” aren’t necessarily the favorites because it’s the Las Vegas booking companies making the calls.  They’re basing it on purely records.  If you’re focus is to generate cash flow and have limited knowledge in this sport then spreading your bets on all underdogs is a way to achieve it.  I knew someone who did this and miraculously lost most of the fights, but still came out on top.  Why?  Simply because the underdogs pay out more like in horse racing.  Many times it pays off to research new comers in the UFC umbrella from other organizations.  Reason being they may not be as well known, but upon further fact checkings one will see they may have been undefeated and riding an incredible winning streak.  There’s been a few letdowns as the competition in the UFC is elite, but if you can find that one pick that nobody knows about then you can make a fortune!

Learn fightmetrics for UFC and MMA Betting

With the advent of Fightmetrics stats measuring the number of strikes landed per fighter + takedowns, Wikipedia listing the fighters’ records, and videos showcasing training sessions one can make an educated bet.  Like in poker one has to research and analyze the fighting styles, records, and skill sets to calculate what their chances are.  What better way than to study their past videos against similar opponents to see how they fare.  Are they strikers, wrestlers, or BJJ experts.  What is their discipline or are they well versed in all aspects of martial arts.  Styles makes matches and with the slue of information available one can then make an informed decision.

In addition, elements often overlooked is the team behind the fighter w/ their trainers, sparring partners, nutritionists, strength + conditioning coaches, and family support.  Without a proper training camp the fighter is at a severe disadvantage and the same goes without solid sparring partners to prepare them for the realism come fight time.  As the saying goes “the more you bleed in training the less you bleed in the actual fight.”  Nutrition nowadays is paramount in the weight cutting process along with giving the athlete optimal energy.  The cardio of some fighters are unparalleled and have allowed them to recover and defeat their opponents in astonishing fashion.  That is why strength and conditioning is absolutely crucial especially with the five rounds in main event cards.  Imagine sprinting for one minute.  Fighters do that for 25 minutes in championship fights.  MMA fighters represent the pinnacle of human athletes.  There are many talented fighters with less than stellar gas tanks and this could be the Achilles Hill especially if you plan to make a substantial bet.  Family and friends provide morale support that gives the strength the fighter needs when they’re on the brink of defeat.  The thought of knowing they need to feed their family gives them that last bit of energy to overcome.  The fight business is like no other.

Like in poker there are many variables in making a decision when betting on MMA.  Sometimes there’s no clear path to making one considering the factors involved.  Never bet on emotion unless you’re willing to part with your hard earned money.  Money doesn’t care who your favorite hometown hero or fighter is.  It only cares about who gets their hands raised at the end of the night.

For more, on MMA Sports Betting or Fantasy Sports, let us know what you want to see @Luckyladygames.



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