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Daily Fantasy Sports & Online Poker

April 21 Sandra Wong

Daily Fantasy Sports & Online Poker Cross-over – A Comparative Analysis

poker-fantasy sports dfs

Lets take a look at the similarities between daily fantasy sports and online poker specifically.  Both have a global reach with millions of players.  Millions if not billions are exchanged, ok maybe not billions quite yet, but ya get the picture.  It’s predominately a skill game with an element of luck.  The latter is what entices legions of players globally.  To win in each respective field a player carries a decision tree in his or her head that they grind through on each decision of the game play.  For the casual players they may slosh around or donate their funds.  For the more disciplined player there are an endless amount of chain of possibilities all which overlap with one another.  The complexity of the decision making and reaction leads into the psychology of the sport.  If you lose unlike a video game you’re quite possibly losing your livelihood.  It is this adrenaline rush that drives fantasy sports and poker upwards on a massive global scale.
Fantasy sports is experiencing the same flash growth that poker did only a few years back.  Unless the government clamps down on sports betting it’s unlikely to slow down.  Fantasy sports betting is going to continue to trend upwards.  Although similar, poker is only a microsm of the gambling world.  Fantasy sports encompasses every type of athletic game.  By far, football is the most popular fantasy sport. According to Ibisworld, 36 percent of industry revenue is from the NFL. That’s followed by Major League Baseball with 19 percent, auto racing at 12 percent and the NBA at 10 percent.
Fantasy Sports  Legality more at:

Comparison between online poker vs daily fantasy sports.

Online poker experienced a seismic shift during Black Friday.  The Department Of Justice seized the poker sites and froze their assets within the US markets.
That demonstrates the single most important difference between daily fantasy and poker.  The fact is DFS is legal. The laws specifically make an exception for daily fantasy, defining the contests as games of skill rather than gambling.
It’s easy to dismiss the legal stuff when you’re competing for cash prizes at arguably the largest DFS sites; FanDuel and DraftKings. But DFS’s legal status is the reason you can play without facing the transactional problems you might have experienced at places like PokerStars prior to 2011.
DFS sites offer thousands of contest categorized by sport and format whether it’s for tournaments or head-to-head contest.  Each contest is based on real time sporting events.  You can join them and build rosters around the schedule.  What I found is the DFS sites may have modelled themselves after the multi-table poker tournament format.  The scope, size and payouts are on par with some of the more lucrative poker tournaments.
Playability is also on par with poker sites.  Each site’s lobby provides filtering tools that let you drill down by sport, contest format, field size, entry fee and prize pool.  It’s very easy to navigate through the sites to find the sport, contest format, field size, entry fee, and prize pool you’re looking for.
Most importantly playing daily fantasy is 100% legal. As a result, credit card companies have an incentive to process deposit transactions to sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. You can even use your Paypal account to transfer cash into your DFS accounts, a feature that was nearly unheard of in the online poker space.
Now, the link between the poker community and daily fantasy sports (DFS) is about to get a lot stronger, when poker pro Phil Ivey announced he will be launching his own DFS (Daily Fantasy Sport) site on the iTEAM Network platform. According to a note sent to the media by the iTeam Network on Jan. 19, Ivey’s venture will be named PhilIveyDFS and will appear on the platform in February 2016.
“We are always looking for quality brands and partners in the world of fantasy [and] there is no elite-level individual that fans want to follow and learn from more than Ivey,” CEO Gaber Hunterton stated. “Ivey’s team engaged in extended due diligence, which we welcomed in light of our commitment to conservative regulatory practices and great user experiences.
“There is a large crossover between poker players and DFS players. Adding the Phil Ivey brand will substantially increase network-wide player liquidity and prize pools. We have already started an aggressive marketing and execution plan in which PhilIveyDFS users will be able to compete immediately for more than $20,000 in weekly pro basketball contests and interact directly with Ivey.”
Much like it’s predecessor, daily fantasy sports is experiencing a gold rush boom!

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