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Gambling in Canada

November 15 Sandra Wong

Clearly, Canada is not one of the countries with the most progressive gambling industry. Canada cannot compete with the United States, which are called the gambling capital of the world. However, on its territory there are numerous live casinos, bookmakers and other establishments which offer you gambling. A separate line – online casinos that are available to Canadians.

Canadian Gambling Casino

In this article you can find some information about gambling and casino games in the different provinces of the Canada. Speaking of gambling, in Canada significant differences in the laws of individual provinces. Let’s take a brief look at them:

• Alberta – You can play if you over 18. In this age allowed gambling in casinos, lottery and betting on horse races.

• British Columbia – You can play if you over 19 years old. Gambling allowed in casinos, betting on horse racing, bingo and lotteries. Also allowed slot machines. From 10% to 1/6 of the casino revenue goes to the budget of the province. Also, you can legalize online gambling on the official website BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation).

• Labrador – You can play if you are over 19 years. The only legalized lottery – online lottery, which hosts the provincial government. In real life, you can bet only in lottery and horse racing.

• Manitoba – You can play if you over 18. Full online gambling entertainment support like casinos, lotteries etc.

• New Brunswick – you can play if you over 19 years. The only legalized online gambling is a lottery, which hosts the provincial government. In real life allowed betting on horse racing and lotteries.

• Newfoundland – You can play if you over 19 years. Only state lottery available as an online gambling.

• Northwest Territories – You can play if you are over 19 years. The only legal form of gambling – a government lottery.

• Nova Scotia – You can play at 19. Official online lottery and off-line casinos, bookmakers and private lottery.

• Ontario – You can play at 19. In online you can play only lottery, but in real life you can visit casino, bookmakers and organizers of lotteries.

• Prince Edward Island – You can play at 19. The government has authorized only official online lottery, but there are so-called offline Racine (complexes, where you can bet on horse racing and gambling) and private lottery.

• Quebec – You can play at 18. Several legal lotteries and poker room. Also in Quebec allowed to operate casinos, lotteries.

• Saskatchewan – You can play at 19. Allowed government lottery on the Internet, as well as casinos, private lotteries, bookmakers.

• Yukon – You can play at 19 years. Only lottery available in both online and offline. No other casino games.

So, in all provinces of Canada, allowed the state lottery. Moreover, almost everywhere you can bet on horse races and participate in gambling organized for charitable purposes. Most provinces also operate land-based casinos with slot machines, video slots, table and card games, as well as private lottery.


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