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Winning Progressive Jackpots – Casino Table Games

December 24 Sandra Wong

Casino Table Game Progressive Jackpots are similar to the ones in Progressive Jackpots in slot machines. Many times however, the jackpots are not as well known or shown as the ones of progressive slot machines so some player tips will be needed to play optimal winning casino table game strategy.

Casino table games that offer progressive jackpots include triple seven Black Jack, Caribbean Stud Poker, poker room bad-beat jackpots where a bad beat rake is taken from each pot that grows until someone hits it based on casino requirements.

Progressive jackpot blackjack happens in the form of a side bet, with the most popular being Triple Sevens. In this blackjack side game, if you are dealt 3 seven of diamonds (usually from an 8 deck shoe) you win the jackpot. Other combinations might also reward you with a smaller jackpot prize. In order to win this jackpot, you need to wager on the side bet. The side bet may be a side amount or a multiplier of the actual win in some cases. Some people just play the side-bets which they believe is better value to casino table games play.

If there are options for envy play on table games, that sometimes is a good bet when the progressive jackpots are high because that means that any one playing at the tabling hitting it, you will get a share of the prize.

Here are 5 tips to winning Casino Table Game Progressive Jackpots

  1. Select your game carefully
    Choose games you know how to play and want to play first and foremost. A poker jackpot shouldn’t be the only reason to play the game as the odds of winning one or of it hitting isn’t more or less likely to hit mathematically as it was when the jackpot was $1. The reason to play is that when Jackpots are high, the player value increases immensely giving you an extra incentive to play.
  2. Know your odds of making or hitting the progressive Most table games don’t have progressive jackpots and when you do hit, it is generally very hard and the odds are well, like winning the lottery.
  3. Make sure you know the rules of the casino table game you are playing
    Even between different games of black jack the rules and casino odds of the game can change depending on the table. When it comes to jackpots and progressives, there is usually a set of casino rules that are attached to it, so understand how you qualify for the jackpot is important.
  4. Never Chase a Progressive Jackpot
    Always have maintain good bankroll management when you are playing casino games and gambling. Thinking someone will hit just because you put lots of money into the game is probably a negative expected value play.
  5. Make sure you can cash-out if you win online and be wary of bonus terms and conditions
    If you are playing online, make sure there are no monthly cash out limits for your play.  Read all rules before starting if there any. When playing casino table games in a casino, have fun and don’t worry about winning.

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