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Online Gambling in Australia: How it Works and Is there A Chance?

June 11 Sandra Wong

Is there anything you wanted to know but have always forgotten to ask about online gambling? Waver no longer. This article is sure to help you.

The era of online gambling goes up to 1994 when the first fully functional gambling software was developed by Microgaming. CryptoLogic ensured safe transaction and the whirlpool began to twist. And here we are, in 2016 – about 80% of adult Australian citizens are playing some kind of pokies, both offline and online.


Is there any difference between the land-based casinos and the online gambling sites? How online gambling does work and is there really a chance of winning big money while gambling online? Let’s have a closer look at this popular entertainment.

Brief Guide to Online Gambling

A study conducted by the Australian government in 2001 estimated there were five million online players in the world at that time. And they spent more than $11 billion a year at an online casinos. Today, Australia is the most gambling country in the world with at least 80% of adult citizens being involved in some type of pokies.

Gambling online is different from live gambling. At online casinos there is little interaction between the player and the dealer. In fact, all the games are controlled by computer programs. People who have played in the land-based and the online casino say that poker or blackjack online is usually faster because there is no conversation between players, which inhibit the process.

Online casinos offer hundreds of different games. One site may have the licensed slots based on the superheroes theme from comic books, the other would have computer versions of gambling machines that resemble traditional slots. You can choose whatever you like. One of the best casino sites offers more than 60 games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, different versions of the Roulette, at least two dozens of different slot machines (or how we call them – pokies), Keno and a few versions of the video Poker.

If you are looking for the way to get all the information on Australian casinos fast and easy, you can look up for casinos in Australia. The guide will take you to the best gambling sites to play at.

Success Stories

Some people believe online gambling is not about big prizes, and it’s impossible to win a lot. But there are several big success stories in the field that inspire Australians to always spin the wheel of fortune one more time – just in case.

Joe Hachem is one of the famous people in Australian gambling world. Once chiropractic and now professional poker player, he is famous for winning the 2005 World Series of Poker which earned him $7.5 million. He started playing poker around 1995, and he used online poker tables to practice.

In 2015 lucky Australian guy playing pokies called ‘Burning Desire’ at Casino Mate had won $327,000. ‘Burning Desire’ is the 5-reel slot machine by Microgaming Systems with lots of wild symbols, and this guy managed to hit a lot of those.


Are you impressed yet? Join the gambling world and you can be one of the lucky players!



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