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Fruit Blast at Lottoland: The Future of Casino Gaming

December 25 Sandra Wong

Online casino games are changing, and Fruit Blast is a great example of the new direction that they are taking. Although the rather unoriginal name may not set this online slot apart from the competition, in fact it is a very interesting example of a new phenomenon in the gaming world. In recent years, casinos have been looking for new ways to entice a younger generation of players to their sites. To the Millennial generation, slot games are about as exciting as dusty old board games from the previous century. When compared to the free games available on smartphones, traditional slot games are not particularly impressive looking.

Fruit Blast at Lottoland

This is a problem for the gaming industry, of course, as slot games account for a large percentage of the profits of both online and land-based casinos. That means that companies are looking at new types of gambling games as a way to attract younger players. To do this, casinos are looking at other forms of gaming which do have a playing base aged in their twenties. Social gaming is the obvious place to start, as those games which are played on our smartphones certainly boast a youthful demographic that real money gaming sites can only envy. That is why we are seeing the increasing ‘gamification’ of the casino industry, as the line between real money and social gaming becomes ever more blurred.

A great example of the type of skill-based game that is starting to enter the online gaming market is Fruit Blast. This is a game set in a tropical cocktail bar, where the reels are populated by the types of fruits you might like to see appearing in a favourite drink. Like many of those addictive ‘Bejewelled’ style of social games, you score points by clicking on clusters of the same type of fruit. As you click on the sets of fruit, they disappear and more fruits drop in from the top of the reels. Collecting more fruits unlocks meters on the side of the game, ranging from 0.5x your stake when you 7 cherries, up to x10 your stake for collecting 7 pineapples. It is possible to keep refilling the meters, to allow for even bigger wins.

As you progress in the game, you will have the option to ‘level up’ by collecting stars as you click on winning fruit groups. Collect enough stars and you will move up to a higher level, and when you reach certain levels you will ‘unlock’ a new bartender. By choosing any new bartender you will have the option to win different Bonus rewards, when three or more bonus symbols clump together. There are 8 different bonuses available, depending on which bartender is serving your drinks, with those at the higher levels offering greater rewards. If you find 3 or more Jackpot symbols together at any time then you will win a fantastic 1,000x your bet.  

The ‘skill’ element of this game comes into play because you can choose which set of fruits to release first, if more than two clusters appear together on the reels. Choosing one over the other can of course affect where the next fruit symbols fall into place. Start playing this game at Lottoland, and you may just lose an hour or two of your life without realising it! The delicious Fruit Blast is just one of a range of high-quality games available at Lottoland, who are branching out far beyond the world of international lotteries.



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