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Which Casino Games Are Right For Your Personality?

April 24 Sandra Wong

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There are an abundance of online casino games available today, so much so that it can be overwhelming. All casino games tend to be quite enjoyable, but different people tend to favor different games, and with good reason.

Everyone has a unique personality: certain traits that make you who you are.

Here we take you through the main online casino games and match them to different personalities.

Slots – Slots are a simple and solitary game where each player usually has their own machine. For some people, the isolation would be too much to bare, but for others this is heaven. Slots tend to appeal to introverts who like to spend time in their own zone. Video gamers may enjoy them, especially since slots turned digital and started to offer more bonus games and effects. The risk-taking involved tends to be slow and steady.

Craps – If slots are for introverts, then craps is the opposite, and appeals to the more outgoing and flamboyant aspects of personality. The ‘shooter’ takes centre stage, and aims to hold the focus for as long as possible. The risk-taking is fast and exciting, more like a loud bang than a gentle fizzle. If ever there a game for the flashy and the showy, craps is it!

Poker – Poker is a pretty competitive and active card game when played at a table. Online, or in video form, it is more likely to appeal to the introverted thinker. Played live, it is one of the most sociable casino games going. It’s not so much that players talk, but the feeling of a shared activity is there. There is also a psychological element, both in reading others and in controlling one’s own emotions. If poker is played well the risk taking is calculated, making this the ideal casino game for a wide range of money makers, maths and psychology minds, and boasters who want to make it big.

Blackjack – Blackjack is a pretty gentle card game when compared to poker. It still has a competitive element and a skill factor based on maths, but it is much easier to pick up and play. The risks are slow and steady – you simply play rounds with a set stake, making for predictable win or loss outcomes. Yet, Blackjack still has a social element, a feeling of sitting around together playing cards, and players have less to focus on than in poker. Blackjack is therefore ideal for sociable types who aren’t looking for any big wins or losses and just want to spend an evening playing some cards.

Roulette – If you like fast cars and adrenaline pumping experiences, then roulette is the game for you! It is one of the most exciting casino games in terms of the speed and thrills of the betting action. You simply bet on numbers and spin the wheel, biting your nails in anticipation while waiting to see whether you just got 37x richer. The risk-taking varies immensely with Roulette, giving it a wide appeal. You can take small, single bets on red-black, or spread wide on many numbers and play fast. Video roulette makes for a more introverted game that is closer to the slots experience, but often with more explosive buzz. It’s a great game for those who like excitement!


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