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Tom McEvoy – Poker Pro Legend & Author

January 13 LuckyLady

TOM McEVOY Poker Pro & Poker Legend

Tom McEvoy Poker Pro & Author

Tom McEvoy Poker Pro & Author

Full of life stories and poker knowledge, my sit down with Tom McEvoy was humbling. His low-key nature allowed for easy conversation and he answered each question with an honesty that made me feel like I have known him for years. We chatted about everything from family to stamp collecting and if I had more time I could have definitely chatted with him for hours… and I know he would have been ok with that too cause luckily for me, Tom loved to chat as well.

Being known as one of the legends in the poker world, Tom has achieved what most of us can only dream of. With four WSOP bracelets under his belt and almost 3 million dollars in tournament winnings (as of 2010), Tom tells me about how one of his favorite moments in his career was when he won the third ever PPT (Professional Poker Tour) 2006 televised event, outlasting a field of pros-only which included other bracelet winners Hoyt Corkins and Toto Leonidas. Tom McEvoy has not had much television coverage over this decades Poker Boom, but everytime he is on, he plays like he has something to prove and proving that he is one of the best is exactly what he does. (Includes: Winner of WSOP’s first Champions Invitational, Winner of 2005 Profesional Poker Tour)

Tom McEvoy is also notably the first ever rep, seconded by MoneyMaker the following year. Probably most known for authoring numerous poker book greats, Tom not one time tried to sell me a book or even mentioned them. A modest man he is.

You can also find Tom sharing his knowledge with future poker players at one of the Deep Stacks University Live events along with fellow pros, Mike “the mouth” Matasow, Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi, TJ Cloutier and Greg Mueller(FBT).

How long have you been playing?
A very long time… since I was 5. Im over 65 so u do that math. 32 years? (Tom, I’m not that good at math, why do you think you were teaching me about pot odds today?)

Any books or videos you recommend?
The bible! I have read it twice and I want to read it again. I also like Stephen King the Stand. That is my favorite one. (Ok, Tom… I meant Poker book but this answer is just as good!)

What kind of food beverage do you eat drink when you play?
Usually light things such as a sandwich or a granola bar.

Any tips for upcoming players?
Don’t quit your day job! If you want to try to be pro, make sure you have 6months – 1 years worth of living expenses covered and that does not include your bankroll.

I know you are a poker mentor yourself, but do you have one?
Yes, TJ Cloutier.

Drink of Choice?
Water, I dont drink alcohol or do drugs.

Favorite Game?
Pot-limit Omaha High.

Stamp collecting. I love stamps from Canada, especially ones from Newfoundland.

Favorite Starting Hand?
Any hand that wins is my favorite.

Anything new lately?
My daughter recently battled breast cancer and is recovering well now. I also recently just got married this past May (2010) to the girl next door. (Congrats Tom!)

Think you will ever retire?
What would I do if I retire? Move to Florida and play poker all day?
 (…you got a point there!) I’ll retire when I’m 6 feet under.

If I had two words to sum up Tom McEvoy it would be a ‘true gentleman’.


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