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Matt Jarvis – Canadian Poker Pro

January 13 LuckyLady

One of Canada’s best Poker Players and WSOP Bracelet Winner

Matt Jarvis is a local British Columbia player and he is good. A Pro Poker Player who has this year secured his status in poker history, Matt was one of 2 Canadians to make the final table of the Main Event at the World Series of Poker in 2010. Matt’s poker game put simply has been on fire, he has won well over a Million dollars just in 2010 alone and his run has just begun. Matt is also a WSOP bracelet winner.

Canadian Poker Pro - Matt Jarvis

Canadian Poker Pro – Matt Jarvis

A Canadian man from Surrey BC, Matt has taken his game to the next level and is now recognized worldwide as a player to be feared. Matt is a beast on the felts and recent cashes consist of a 2nd place in the $550 Mixed PLH/PLO at the West Coast Poker Championship for about $8000 and a  $5000 – $100K 1st place in the Head ups tournament at the Canadian Open Poker Championships. The cake topper in 2010 was his 8th place finish in the 2010 WSOP Main Event Championship cashing a cool $1,045,738. One thing is sure……this guy’s got serious game.

Whether it be playing abroad or at home, Matt seems to have a sense of comfort on the felts which is hard to come across. His confidence and attitude demand respect at the poker table, it is clear that Matt is definitely ready to take on the big leagues. Personally, I think that Matt is one man that deserves all his fortune and good luck. He is a warm guy that has his head on his shoulders. Matt is the type of person that despite how expensive his shoes may be – he keeps his feet on the ground. He is not pompous or full of himself. He truly is just a down to earth guy that plays his game and stays true to it.

Matt has a large group of supporters and fans, amassing more followers with every event he plays. Now a sponsored Full Tilt Pro Matt has big goals in the future and no doubt will smash everything is his way to attain them. Matt has a beautiful girlfriend which he is crazy about and on downtime relaxes, vacations and does yoga.

We at are at the edge of our seats watching Matt’s poker game and are putting our money on this young man. Matt has the drive, courage, confidence and heart to take his game to the very top of the poker world. Thank you Matt for giving us this opportunity to share with the poker community how awesome you are. We know that you are just getting started and cannot wait to see Matt “The Beast” Jarvis  continue to take the poker world by storm. Good luck on the felts!

1) Favorite Food to eat while playing? Yogurt and orange juice are always my morning starters. Occasionally ill drink a redbull if I need to get some energy. But mostly something light so I don’t feel too full while playing.

2) Drink of Choice? Haha OJ or Redbull

3) Favorite City to play in / Place to Play? Vancouver/Edgewater!!

4) Favorite Starting Hand? 97 suited and AA 🙂 Definitely not 9s :p

5) Favorite Player/mentors? Watching Tom Dwan has had a lot of an impact on me, especially high stakes season 5. Otherwise Ash Razavi, Zac Fellows and Sorel Mizzi have been my biggest poker influences/mentors.

6) Good luck charms? No real good luck charms other than my pillow that supports my back. Its lucky and I bring It everywhere because it saves my back from hrs of soreness at the table

7) Give us a tip to share with other players?
No Ego, No Emotion, Just Poker. Its the same modo as you’ll see on my website Keep ego and emotion out of poker and just stick to the math and playing ur game.

8) Recommended books?
Phil Gordon’s little green book was my favorite for yrs. Its great for beginners to novice players. Checklists and hand match-up percentages helped me a lot. 

9) Favorite Game?
Definitely NL Holdem, I like plo too but holdem is where I came to love poker and the passion is still there

10) Any advice for players looking to go into the WSOP Main Event?
Know its a marathon and not a race, you can’t win it in 1,2,3,4,5,6 or even 7 days. So get a tent and camp out. Build up slow and try to think of it as a cash game that u can’t rebuy. Ways to warm up would be playing a 12 cash game with breaks every 2 hrs and try to play low risk and slowly build ur stack.

11) Did you have a strategy going into the WSOP ME 2010?
Kind of what I just mentioned, I planned to build slowly. Also play bubble aggressively. Whatever amount of $ ur gonna get paid for slipping into the $ is not going to compare to the amount u can pounce on others who are sitting back and trying to do the same thing. I went from an average stack to 4th in chips on the end of day 4(bubble day) by winning approx 80-85 percent of hands on bubble.

12) What Events if any are you planning on playing at the WSOP 2011
Every 1 I can 10k and under that’s NL or plo. 

– Jenika –


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