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Garrett Sheh – Cash Game Canadian Poker Pro

February 13 LuckyLady

Garret Sheh – One hard-working poker cash game grinder from Vancouver, BC

Garrett Sheh is a young aspiring cash-game poker player who started playing low stakes cash games in the small town of Fort St John, in northern BC. He honed and broadened his skills by playing 1$/2$ no limit holdem in his father’s local cash game that he held nightly.

Garrett Sheh - Cash Game Pro - Crushing Cash Games

Garrett Sheh – Cash Game Pro – Crushing Cash Games

Garrett would frequently travel with his father to Grande Prairie, Alberta the closest casino poker game 3 hrs away. Even if it was blizzard weather and bad road conditions he would still make it to the cash games in an attempt to increase his experience as a poker player. Garrett started reading a lot of poker books, and improved his game substantially by talking strategy with his father and surrounding himself with a supportive environment. After graduating high school, and a year of College, Garrett received his Commercial Helicopter License and worked in the oil field for about a year, Garrett enjoys flying however, his heart is truly in poker. He would travel down from Fort St John to Vancouver, BC, to play cash games at the Lower Mainland Casinos and experienced some ups and downs, but he stuck with it. It took a year and a half to move up to the 2$/5$ no limit game comfortably and become a consistent winner in Casino cash games. Now playing mainly 2$/5$ at Edgewater Casino and The River Rock Casino he is traveling around North America at his leisure to major poker events and easily beating the cash games as big as 10$/25$ no limit.

The BC Poker Championships are coming up; you can expect to see Garrett putting in at least 60 hrs a week in the 5$/10$ and 10$/25$ no limit cash games. His goals are to move up to even higher stake cash games in Vegas and LA like 25$/50$ and 50$/100. His advice to someone wanting to play poker full time is to work harder and longer than the rest of the players. Set yourself up for win / win situations not only in poker but in life itself and to never give up.

Garret Sheh Poker Fun Facts

1) Favorite Food to eat while playing?
I like to eat as healthy as I can fruit, soup or salad.

2) Drink of Choice?
1MR work out supplement. Gives me an edge and increased focus. I play better and feel better after a workout in the morning.

3) Favorite City to play in / Place to Play?
Venetian Las Vegas

4) Favorite Starting Hand?
69 spades and JJ

5) Favorite Player/mentors?
Phil Ivey

6) Good luck charms?
There’s no such thing as luck 🙂

7) Give us a tip to share with other players?
Always take your time with decisions. Think about the most creative way to maximize your wins and minimize your loses. Is he going to bet for me, what is he going to do on the turn and river? I like to get my opponents talking, they usually give away information that helps me with what kind of range of cards they have. That’s basically what I’m doing at the tables and playing extremely tight and patient.

8) Recommended books?
That’s a good question, I try to read every piece of poker literature I can get my hands on. One of the first books and best books I read was Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book, and Little Blue Book. I also recommend, if you’re hardcore into poker, to read Gus Hanson’s every hand revealed. It’s a cool book because you can watch all the hands you read about on the internet. The book is about all the hands he played when he won the Aussie Millions.

9) Do you play online? Where?
Online is a whole other thing. I don’t play online anymore, I just focus on what I’m good at live cash games.

10) Favorite Game?
10$20$ no limit hold em

– Jenika – 

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