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Gambling Losses By Country

February 26 Sandra Wong

Gambling losses aren’t as fun to talk about as gambling wins, but someone has to lose

Gambling, as we all know is wagering something of value, usually money, as per casino gambling, on the outcome of the game/odds at stake. This activity can be played against the house (casino) or against other players (poker). Regardless this movement of money results in a zero sum scenario, meaning, when you lose, someone has to gain.

Research about the gambling industry in the USA contributes over $250+Billion dollars to the US economy annually and employs almost a million people. How does this compare to the rest of the world? Well, USA seems to be at the top of the ‘loser board’.

Check out this interesting infographic on the Gambling Losses by Country

Gambling losses by country

Here are some more market overview numbers via on casino gaming and gambling numbers 2015:

  • Total global gambling market gross win (landbased): €305bn
  • Number of land-based Casinos is the US: 1,623
  • Est. global gambling gross wins in US: €80.45bn
  • Nevada casino poker games revenue: $123.9m
  • Amount wagered on sporting events at Nevada sports books: $3.45bn
  • Casino gaming revenue in Nevada: $11,652m
  • Number of land-based Casinos is the Macau: 35
  • Macau casino gaming market revenue: $52,553m
  • Gross revenue from roulette in Macau: $128.7M

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