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Casino Game Players

Casino game players section features all professional and semi-professional players that play games and make money doing so. Being a professional game player does not mean that these casino players have millions of dollars in their bankroll, although some do, but rather these are players that are very active in the casino gaming scene and have the skills over the long term to potentially make a more positive return when compared to the general public.

Many players may be self-proclaimed pros, but in this section we highlight only those who have had real-life success track records in the gaming industry. Whether it be slots, poker, blackjack or any other games, you can guarantee that anyone featured in this section is a true contributor to the gaming community.

If you know of a casino game player you would like to see featured, please contact us and we will do a highlight story on them.

Featured Casino Game Players

Gambling Losses By Country

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Christopher Torina, President & CEO, The DeepStacks Group

Industry Leader Christopher Torina, President & CEO, The DeepStacks Group Sometimes it’s not j[...]

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Professional Slots Player – Susie Slots Bio

Susie Slots, resident slot expert and professional slots casino player As balling and awesome as she[...]

Become a Professional Slot Player

Does making money being a Professional Slot Player sound crazy? Professional Slot Player… does[...]

Mary Gabriel – Canadian Female Poker Pro

Mary Gabriel is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Horsewoman and Poker Player. She’s no rookie; she’s[...]

Garrett Sheh – Cash Game Canadian Poker Pro

Garret Sheh – One hard-working poker cash game grinder from Vancouver, BC Garrett Sheh is a yo[...]

Matt Jarvis – Canadian Poker Pro

One of Canada’s best Poker Players and WSOP Bracelet Winner Matt Jarvis is a local British Co[...]

Tom McEvoy – Poker Pro Legend & Author

TOM McEVOY Poker Pro & Poker Legend Full of life stories and poker knowledge, my sit down with T[...]

Greg Mueller – Canadian Poker Pro

Greg “FBT” (full blown tilt) Mueller When you think Canadian Poker Pro a handful of players come[...]
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