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History of Social Network Games

September 11 LuckyLady

Social Network Games are making headlines across all gaming industries

As soon as social network’s such as Myspace and Facebook got massive, so did the games industry contained within it’s infrastructure. Games and social networks go hand-in-hand and social network games are not a new concept like many people think. Online social games are now referred as a ‘social network games’ when really this term my be misleading. In fact, all games are social. Social simply means playing a game with others. (Hence, Zynga with Friends)

Social network games are not invented with the times of social media, but as early as documented 3100 BC, starting with Ancient Greece and Ancient China. Games have been around for as long as mankind has been around. Playing is the way humans learn and it will continue on as long as mankind exists. Even as early as the first days of cognition, babies are ready for play and age appropriate games. It is ingrained in our genome and the evolution of games is nothing short of an interesting one.

Here is a great infographic on the History of Social Network Games from game designer and social network game entrepreneur Jon Radoff:

History of Social Network Games Infographic

History of Social Network Games Infographic

“The current social network game market is the confluence of several big trends: social gameplay, along with asynchronous play patterns and a virtual-goods business model that has been shaped by market forces. We’re only at the beginning of seeing how far we can take the genre.”

Where is the future of social network games headed and do games go in trends? Jon Radoff concludes his article with a prediction “It’s my belief that the next wave of games will draw upon many of the elements we’ve seen work in the past: great storytelling, challenging decision-making and a sense of tribal belongingness that surrounds popular games.”

Are free to play casino games and social slots games a great addition to this infographic? Many hard-core game developers think that social network games are not really games, rather play on the gamification tactic to manipulate players to buy virtual goods. Have a discussion about this topic and more with us on our Facebook or Twitter.

SOURCE: Radoff

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