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Keno Glossary & Terminology

August 3 LuckyLady
Keno Glossary & Terminology

Some of the terms that are used in Keno can be a bit strange if you are not use to it. Here are the most common Keno Terms so that you can understand what they mean and be able to sound like a Keno pro at your local casino or closest Keno establishment.

All or Nothing – A Keno bet in which you have to have ALL of the numbers that you’ve chosen drawn or you don’t win anything at all.

Bingo – A game that similar to Keno, but is not the same in the way that it is played. Bingo requires more concentration and user interaction as you need to mark winning numbers on random cards rather than select your own and wait for a draw.

Call – To draw the numbers for each Keno game.

Combination Bet – This is the same as a “Way Bet” and is a term used in some countries including Canada.

Draw – This refers to which Keno ‘game’ you are in and what the particular set of numbers are. Mostly done by computer now, but some casino may still use the old style of actual balls drawn from a barrel.

Game – This is the actual act of drawing the numbers to get a winning result so you can match your numbers. Games are individually numbered so that there can be no mistakes when it comes to checking your winning numbers.

Keno Board – A large electronic digital board that displays the winning keno numbers.

Keno Lounge – The main area within a casino where the keno board is found and where keno is played.

Keno Runner – A casino employee who places your keno bet from wherever you are at and brings you your tickets and bets.

Number Pool – The range of numbers on a sheet from which you select which numbers you want to play. A typical keno pool ranges from 1 to 80.

Random Number Generator – This is the computer system that actually draws the numbers for the game randomly.

Spot/Spots – Spots are numbers that you have chosen for the game. If you choose two numbers, you’ve got a 2-spot ticket. If you’ve chosen eight numbers, you’ve got a 8-spot ticket.

Ticket – The piece of paper or KENO ticket that you are given when you have placed your Keno bet/bets. This is the official receipt of your numbers and you will need this to redeem if you win. If you lose it, there is no record in the system to print a new one.

Way Bet – A Keno ticket that has more then one bet on it. Way bets can be different combinations of numbers, different sets of numbers and different ways of betting on the same numbers.



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