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Casino Chips

August 3 admin
Casino Chips

Why do casinos use chips?

My thoughts were that it’s far easier to handle and psychologically it doesn’t really seem like “money.”  Chips come in many customized colors and patterns.  Paulsen chips are the standard in casinos weighing anywhere from 9.5 grams to approximately 13 grams.  There are many clay composite chips manufacturers, but only one Paulsen.  An expert in gaming can feel the difference in the chips.

Although chips my vary from casino to casino and country to country, here are some of the most common casino chip denominations you will find:

$1 = White/Light Blue/Dark Blue – Aces, Vanilla Beans, White Birds

$5 = Red – Nickels, Fins, Cherries, Red Birds

$25 = Green – Quarters, Pickles

$100 = Black – Licorice, Tigers (I have heard of the ‘Tiger’ Nickname only at one property, Blue Heron Casino in Port Perry, Ontario, due to the fact that the chips are black with yellow and green inserts)

$500 = Purple/White – Plums, Barneys, Big Nickels

$1,000 = Yellow/Orange – Pumpkins, Bananas, Yellowjackets

$5,000 = White/Grey – Flags (Only heard this at Wynn, white chip with red & blue inserts)

$25,000 = Brown – Chocolate

$100,000 & up = These are usually plaques, and vary in color

Variations example: Grey with gold borders at Aria.  

I haven’t included some chips used in casinos, such as $2.50 (pink), and others like $2, $3, $4, $10, $20 and various random amounts usually used only in poker rooms. Some nicknames are casino specific, due to their color combinations.


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