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Poker Bankroll Building Management System

February 7 Sandra Wong

My Personal Poker Cash Games Bankroll Building System

So to get ready for the new year I created my own poker cash games bankroll building/management plan – system so I know exactly what targets I need to reach and hit. Anyone looking to build a bankroll online for poker can also follow this to make sure they do not go broke in the process. This one is made for cash games, but I will be creating one for SnGs & MTTs soon which will require a starting bankroll of it’s own.

cash poker bankroll management chart

Poker cash game bankroll builder system. You can follow my poker / gaming tweets @astrogurl on Twitter.

Here are a few notes that go with the poker cash games bankroll building/management system:

  • I started at $10NL, which means playing at $0.05 – $0.10 blinds, micro-limits. I didn’t want to go any lower than this because I’m already an advanced player and anything below this feel like a waste of time. At these limits, I can still manage to make about $15-$30/hour average profit if my cards hold, and the fields are very soft so this allows me to test my skill level. This does not sound like alot, but I feel is a good starting point.
  • As a starting roll, I used the free $10 promotion they sent me in the mail. Yes, I have not deposited money into Party Poker in years. Luckily I have not went bust yet due to skill/partly great bankroll management & of course luck.
    • But if you don’t have this luxury of free $10 starting roll and want to start building a roll with as little cash as possible, I would use this same concept and deposit $100 (make sure you get  your deposit bonus) and that would be 10 buyins for you to try to grind up at $10NL, as per graphic above.
    • If you want to start with less deposit, you can always play freerolls or super microstakes until you get up to $100. There are benefits to doing this including seeing more hands which hopefully will help you get better at your game and teach you discipline and patience if that is a leak in your game.
  • The cash-outs in the bankroll are only for those that rely on poker for a living. If you can consistently beat the limit you are playing at with that roll and want a steady income, you do not need to move up in stakes. For example, if you require $5000 a month to live, and are crushing $200NL consistently, you can stay here and pad your life roll before moving up in stakes. Just because the jump is there, doesn’t mean you HAVE to go up in limits! Play where you win 🙂
  • The cash-out is for when you have reached your move up goal on each tier, which is signified by a black arrow. I.E., If you are playing $100NL, and have hit $6500 mark, you can cash out $2000 if you so wish. In cashing out, remember you still need to make up that amount before moving up in stakes as the move-up is dollar value, not number of buy-ins.
  • Tilt Control: During Play – when and if you are ever 3x original buy-in, then cash-out and rebuy onto table to protect original stack. Why I do this is because I am bankroll building, and online I have seen way too many fishy spots where I get into situations that I can’t get away from that threatens my entire stack. IE. Flopping top set, on a draw heavy board and end up getting there EVERYTIME.

My current poker status

  • I am currently lacking time to play and stuck in micro stakes hell.  I’ve been coasting at ~$350 as I’ve only put about 5 hours in since last blog cause of the holidays, and making my $500 Jan 1, 2015 is looking slim. I don’t want to pressure myself though and staying disciplined in knowing that poker is a life long game!
  • When close to reaching tier jumps, I think doing a few testers to boost jump is super okay to do. Just don’t over-do it and if you lose, go back to grinding.I have a few issues I am dealing with such as which site to grind on because:
    • Im very skeptical about the honesty of players on PokerStars as the run-outs are ridiculously gross. This makes me very sad as they do have the best software…but I don’t like to feel cheated, so we will see. I have heard and read way too many PokerStars horror stories by very respected poker player friends, so I’m scared but will continue to research this more. I am actually going to write PokerStars about their fraud protection policies, and will be updating here soon.
    • PartyPoker has very low volume. 
      • Currently I mix a cash game with a Fast-Fold table to get my hands and I don’t know if this is bad or good for my game as I need to switch gears pretty quickly in my head. Not doing so bad so far because the stakes don’t bother me at all… but don’t see how this will carry at higher stakes. Plus this site, it’s really hard to find a game sometimes.
      • SnG’s and MTTs, I was told I need to play these more and I will start doing that once I figure out how this fits into my poker goals schedule.
      • Missions on Party Poker are fun. At first I thought this was heavy on the game, but it does keep me engaged and adds player retention as it keeps me coming back to play. Wish I actually discovered it earlier as I would have finished a few more missions now and have some extra $$ in my roll.
  • Why can’t you multi-table cash games on the new Party Poker?So only today I realized that the happy face in the type column means Casual Cash Games, meaning all players in these tables are only playing 1 cash game table at a time. To me, this means 1 thing to me: Field may be softer because players are casual and aren’t your regular multi-tabling grinder/professional player. (Will have to test theory out and adjust play)
  • WSOP 2015 schedule is out, and I’m so super excited. I’ve been looking at flights and there are some awesome notable tourneys I want to play. I still feel sick not being able to play the Main Event every year as that’s the biggest EV for a female poker player… but that’s the life of a mom. You always have the ‘one-day’ but I do wish I can get over my ‘logical’ mind and just play without worry about life/kids etc. I know I will get there one day (hopefully my passion for poker stays alive) and the poker dream has not gone anywhere. I get better every year so maybe all this maturing and time off is a good thing.

Anyhow, I’ll keep grinding and hopefully I move up to at least $50NL online by end of 2015. It would be pretty sad if I couldn’t… which just means more study time?! or find a game I can actually beat.

I would love to hear from you. Tweet me @astrogurl.


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