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Pokemon Go User Experience 101

July 12 Sandra Wong

First off, I know alot more about Pokemon than I would like to admit. I’ve been forced to watch countless hours and hours of episodes and every single time I find myself thinking, why is every single episode of Pokemon the exact same? If you haven’t watched an episode, it’s pretty much this: Go on a journey > meet a new Pokemon > run into a bad guy > battle > win or lose > move on. I have concluded this: Pokemon = Life journey. Plus if you haven’t heard the theme song, it might touch your heart strings just a little bit. I’ve played the card game & I own the entire Pokemon Black & White collection.

So with this proclaimed fan knowledge & during all this PokemonGo Craze going on, I just had to write some Game Design UI/UX notes about PokermonGo. I see this craze as an indicator of just how big AR (Augmented Reality) is going to be in the future. In just 1 week of launch, the DAU (Daily Active Users) of Pokemon Go has surpassed the DAU of SnapChat & Tinder combined with an average age of 28 per user!

“The impact on you: If you haven’t tried Pokémon Go, you ought to give it a go. It’s a rather unique take on mobile gameplay, as you have to head out into the world to find Pokémon and engage in real-time battles. It’s also creating a new behavior among people: they’re actually talking to each other in public, as the search for Pokémon has created this organic community of people working together for a common goal.”


Pokemon Go UX Notes

– Throw Pokeballs to capture Pokemon, DO NOT THROW YOUR PHONE.
– Pokemon is singular & plural. You don’t go catch Pokemons, you catch Pokemon & you have a Pokemon.
– How do you earn XP: doing actions such as catching pokemon, hatching an egg, drop by a Pokestop (swipe sign to get misc.items – luckydraw, slot machine where you always get something). Evolving gets you XP. Cost you candies to evolve.
– Limited inventory for items total: 300
– You can transfer unwanted Pokemon for candy
– There is no trade system inside the game
– There isn’t much social aspect online, more in real life.
– There are 3 teams, yellow, blue, red.
– You have to get to trainer level 5 in order to choose a team. On-boarded at that point for this.
– Go to gyms to battle to conquer.
– Lucky Eggs – Item in PokemonGo where you use for 30 minutes to get double your XP
– Get a defender bonus, redeem at cashier which also acts as a shop to buy items.
– Monetization you can buy coins which you can help accelerate your progress but it’s not necessity to pay to play. You can never buy candies, you can only get them by playing the game or capturing Pokemons.
– Cash Players vs. Free2Play players balance is interested to note. (Player Economy)
– Lure Module: Find check points (Pokestops) to boost allure of Pokemons to that area. You can tell there is a Lure Module from as far as 3 blocks away as there is lots of action going on around. Sharing is caring. You will find more humans going that actual pokemon. (So this is pretty social in real-life). But, the game also acts in a way where Pokemons are attracted to where there are more people. So everyone will get nicer Pokemons.
– Game tip for lure: Put them on Pokestops that overlap to magnify the effect.
– Magnify that even more by using incense on yourself to attract Pokemon to you.
– Everytime you level up you get items.
– There is a time-limit to being able to capture the Pokemon so camp around your friends.
– The stronger you are as a trainer, the stronger the Pokemon you attract.

p-ar-mode p-shop

p-items p-playerprofile

This is really the first time gen.pop society has actually interacted with AR and it’s exciting! Are you playing? You can connect with me on Twitter@astrogurl if you are.

Oh and for those that are wondering who my favorite Pokemon is, it’s Oshawott of course cause he’s so cute! 🙂


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