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How to Market using Twitch Live Streaming

June 9 Sandra Wong

Twitch, a live video-streaming site, focusing on real-time gaming-related content, has been growing expoentially since its launch in 2011. With traffic numbers high in the company of Netflix, Apple and Google in terms of peak Internet traffic in the US, Twitch enjoys 285.6M global visions a month as of June 2016 and over 707.3M Global Views.

If your primary target market is millennial males, Twitch is a very important platform to add to your marketing plan. The majority of the UX is readily available video coupled with a social chat room that sits on the side. Users can follow, subscribe and donate to their favorite channels as they wish.

The most popular channels amass thousands of loyal viewers generally because of their personalities.

So, how do you go about using twitch for marketing and how do you make an impact with it?

The first thing in deciding whether or not Twitch is a good platform for your marketing plan is to make sure it is the right demographic for you. Spend some time understanding your audience before creating relatable and exciting content that your culture will like.

The second thing is all about centering your campaign around live interactive content. Combining this personal connection with live discussion of events occurring in-stream produces an incredibly engaging and interactive viewing experience. The uniqueness of real time feeds happening all over social media creates this whole new market for content that users can personally influence while watching or playing. This is a very new concept to the social world and some ways in which you can give users some involvment/control include: hosting live polls for next action moves, polls on whether or not a decision made was a good one or not, offering live giveaways for noticing certain actions or if the player says a ‘buzz word’, inving players to play with you etc.

The third thing is to remember not to take your brand too seriously. Twitch is about keeping things real, authentic and in-the moment. If you can’t hack this culture, your brand might not be fit for the platform and will not be received well by viewers. Don’t think you can come in with a hard pushy sell as this is probably the crowd to see through you. Authenticity is increasingly becoming the benchmark for which millennials are judging brands.

The forth thing is don’t be flakey and short with your content. Commit to long grinds and give your users an immersion into the entire gaming experience you are living. Engage them on a deeper level.

How is the industry using Twitch Marketing?

“One of the more visible attempts into this space was the Old Spice Nature Adventure, a three-day promotion that invited Twitch viewers to control a man in the woods by typing actionable suggestions in the chat. Narrated by a witty Brit, hundreds of thousands of chatters helped navigate “Nature Man” through strange encounters and humorous woodland situations. The wacky outdoor gaming experience netted Old Spice 88,000 unique views per hour, plus millions of views of the event’s highlights and replays.” – beebyclarkmeyler

“A home improvement “how-to” streamer could gain support from users to buy new tools, motivating the streamer to try more difficult audience-inspired projects. Additionally, relevant brands like Lowe’s or Home Depot could show they care about passionate DIY enthusiasts by funding their projects, tools and ideas.”

More interesting industry stats/notes about Twitch as of June 2016:

  • Amazon acquired Twitch in 2015 for $970M, Google plans to launch a rival service known as YouTube Gaming summer 2016.
  • Twitch and eSporting go hand in hand. Take pro gaming and gaming as a spectator sport seriously. If Twitch was the new TV, eSports is the new Prime Time.
  • Approx. 81% of viewers are in the U.S.
  • Twitch offers an optional subscription model that allows viewers to directly support both the Twitch community and their favorite streamers. Subscribers get perks like avoiding ads, gaining moderator status in live chat rooms and access to emoticons. The Twitch culture is also one of incentive — viewers can contribute to the prize money of a local game tournament or directly donate to streamers to help sustain their content.

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