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Email Marketing & Social Media Habits of Top Online Casinos

March 19 Sandra Wong

Spring cleaning my inbox today, I realized I have collected over 5,000 casino marketing emails since 2011. As a data geek, I found this kind of exciting and decided to analyze this 4+ year sample size of email data I have stored and make some use of it. I did indeed find some frequency patterns, and I have manually consolidated the data of the most popular casinos in the world. I’m not a computer, so these are just rough data guidelines for interest only, so please use at your discretion.

Over 1/3 of these remained un-opened, I think I’ve redeemed less than 1% of the offers, mainly PokerStars/MyVegas/Party Poker. I get on average 5 offers a day from online casinos, social or real money gaming and usually just push them all to the folder. My casino email marketing collection includes everything from top casinos to no-longer existing casinos, to underground rogue casinos and international casino to social casinos (pretty much from the start of Zynga until recent).

planet-hollywood-email marketing
I really appreciated this thank-you message from Planet Hollywood after my stay. I think moments like this are great times to make use of a social casino or free2play platform of some sort to give me a free $20 game voucher or something for more brand loyalty retention,  because after this email was closed, the effort was lost.

Social Casino and Real Money Email Marketing Habits

High 5 Casino Games
Time of Day: 10am – 4pm
Frequency: Daily (Randomly based on content) – I had to take myself off the list cause they email so much it became spammy! 
Popular Content: Unlock games, promotions, player reports, sales, bonus

DoubleDown Casino
Time of Day: 8am – 4pm
Frequency: Daily
Popular Content: Chip sales, chip contests/games, limited time offers

Heart of Vegas
Time of Day: 2pm – 4pm
Frequency: Daily
Popular Content: New slots, Thank Yous, Pro-tips, Bonus offers

MyVegas – This is my favorite emails cause they are simple and give me free coins!  I like how they stagger the amounts too, makes me really excited to get 30,000 coins sometimes! 
Time of Day: 1pm-4pm
Frequency: Daily
Popular Content: Free Chips, New releases, Promotions

Big Fish
Time of Day: 11am
Frequency: Every 2 days
Popular Content: Chip Sales (All emails are chip sales!)

Party Poker – RMG – I miss the old brand & art direction. 
Time of Day: 7am – 11am (all before noon)
Frequency: Daily
Popular Content: Bonus & game reminders, personalized, events, promotions etc.

PlayNow BC – Provincial RMG – I wish they had more localized deals for redemption at live casinos.
Time of Day: Lottery: Fridays, 10AM-noon Promotions: Thurs 1pm-4pm
Frequency: Bi weekly
Popular Content: Lottery Draw reminders, Promotions, Link-backs

Total Rewards – Caesar’s – RMG  – I really like the art direction on Caesar’s online products. Really appealing. 
Time of Day: Time based on content (Wed: 8-10pm & Sat: Offer reminder 8-10PM)
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Popular Content:  Wed: Offers & Sat: Offer reminder. New on Tuesday late night (11pm-5am)

Rio – land based location – RMG – I wish they would target me better as I’m interested in the Rio because of WSOP, not their live shows or seafood buffets. 
Time of Day: Evenings Tues – Thurs (6pm-8pm PST)
Frequency: Monthly
Popular Content: Be our guest, offer codes, event schedule, personalized (ie: Exclusive for [Name], Rewards ID)

888 Casino – I find all numerous brand extensions under 888 messaging to be confusing. 
Time of Day: Evenings Tues – Thurs (All hours PST)
Frequency: Daily, Weekly
Popular Content: Bonus Free play cash, Free Spins promotions

Mr.Green Casino  – These are very far and few, and really are boring in relation to how fabulous their brand concept is. I expect more creativity I guess. Also an interesting note, they never sent me emails before I deposited money. I had an account opened for a year before I deposited, and not even 1 email. But after I deposited this happened:
Time of Day: Early morning PST (AM)
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Popular Content: Free Spins, Selected Game features, Adventure & seasonal campaigns

If data like this makes you excited like it does for me, check out my analysis here of the Social Media Habits of Top Online Casinos, where I go through Facebook posting habits of Online casinos.

Need help with your Casino email marketing strategy? Tweet me @astrogurl. I do everything from design, list build, develop & deploy.


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