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Casino Design Principles – Design for Gambling

March 21 Sandra Wong

I stumbled upon an interesting read known as “Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition The Friedman International Standards of Casino Design” which had some very interesting insight into this realm that should be looked into. This is for land-based casino design, but I will work into translating some of this to an online casino design and user experience, taking into considering the backstory behind these design principles.

Casino Design Principle 1: A Physically Segmented Casino beats a Completely Open Barn

Casino Design Principle 2: Gambling Equipment Immediately Inside Casino Entrances Beats Vacant Entrance Landings and Empty Lobbies

Casino Design Principle 3: Short Lines of Sight Beat Extensive Visible Depth

Casino Design Principle 4: The Maze Layout Beats Long, Wide, Straight Passageways and Aisles

Casino Design Principle 5: A Compact and Congested Gambling-Equipment Layout Beats a Vacant and Spacious Floor Layout

Casino Design Principle 6: An Organized Gambling-Equipment Layout With Focal Points of Interest Beats a Floor Layout That Lacks a Sense of Organization

Casino Design Principle 7: Segregated Sit-Down Facilities

Casino Design Principle 8: Low Ceilings Beat High Ceilings

Casino Design Principle 9: Gambling Equipment As the Décor Beats Impressive and Memorable Decorations

Casino Design Principle 10: Standard Décor Beats Interior Casino Themes

Casino Design Principle 11: Pathways Emphasizing the Gambling Equipment Beat the Yellow Brick Road

Casino Design Winning Principle 12: Perception Beats Reality

Casino Design Losing Principle 12: Exterior Casino Design Perception

Casino Design Principle 13: Multiple Interior Settings and Gambling Ambiances Beat a Single Atmosphere Throughout

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While this is based on data, be mindful that these design principles are exactly that – principles. Designer Roger Thomas partnered with Steve Wynn, and parted ways with Friedman’s design principles with the Bellagio, one of the most amazing casinos in Las Vegas.

“If you think about it, the traditional layout makes no sense,” Thomas told me. “People don’t want to make bets when they feel trapped or overwhelmed or confused. That’s not the mood you want.” Instead, Wynn and Thomas worked on the assumption that people would be more likely to place big, risky bets when they felt safe and relaxed. Rather than catch gamblers in a spiderweb of slot machines, a situation that risked breeding anxiety, casinos should seduce them with a sense of magnificence. “People tend to take on the characteristics of a room,” Thomas said. “They feel glamorous in a glamorous space and rich in a rich space. And who doesn’t want to feel rich?

Thomas set about creating a casino that contravened all the rules of casino design. Whereas Friedman criticized the “open barn” plan, which he defined as any space with an expansive layout and high ceilings, Thomas created soaring ceilings swathed in silk fabric and insisted on clear sight lines for easy navigation. Friedman called for “gambling equipment immediately inside casino entrances,” with the most popular slot machines by the front door. Thomas, however, imagined an elegant lobby, not filled with penny slots but displaying a massive Dale Chihuly glass sculpture suspended from the ceiling and huge arrangements of real flowers. Traditional casinos banished clocks and any glimpses of sunlight, to make gamblers lose track of the hours. Thomas installed antique timepieces and skylights that let in the desert sun. He even broke the rule prohibiting décor in the gaming areas. While Friedman insisted that the best furniture was the gambling equipment itself, Thomas selected European-style furnishings with scrupulous care.”

Cafe Bellagio: Conservatory Entrance

Cafe Bellagio: Conservatory Entrance

Overall conclusion: As gambling leads to mental exhaustion, a design that promotes restoration is likely to keep people gambling longer.

How Casinos Use Design Psychology to Get You to Gamble More. See source link for more on casino design and what works and what casinos will do to keep you staying longer and more entertained.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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