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13 Tips to Get your Social Casino Discovered

April 10 Sandra Wong

The social casino industry just keeps getting more exciting and in 2014, growth and buzz seems to be as promising as ever.

Social and mobile posted $2.5 billion in combined revenue across all platforms in 2013, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Some forecasts say that worldwide revenues will nearly double this by 2016!

social casino 2014 stats

So if you are just getting started in the social casino space, here are 13 tips on the latest challenges and solutions to getting discovered!

  1. Understand your demographic.
    All potential incoming traffic funnels should be considered. Demographics of your in-game players such as knowing what countries do they live in, where do they play online and where they do their interacting online will help you target critical mass of incoming traffic from paid and organic sources.
  2. Stand out!
    Be creative your marketing! Ask yourself, how do you cut through the noise? Appstore has surpassed 1 Million apps, how do your game get the attention you want it to get. One way is to merge with an already popular and recognized brand and hope to ride it’s coat tails, the other is to spend a sh*t tonne of money on marketing. Yeah I just swore, but the playing field got really hard and it is ridiculously hard for start-ups to compete in this space.
  3. Cross promotion
    There are many networks for app discovery and you probably heard of them such as MauDau, ClickWall and Applifier. They are those ads that you see blinking around many free2play social games on Facebook.
  4. Organic is not dead!
    Viral in games has left a bad taste in people’s mouths as they are seen as spammy, but can be done tastefully effective if get the right mix going. 2 words, Candy Crush. The first time and the second, third, and forth, etc. user experience is critical to ensuring you keep your players and then utilize them as advocates to invite and inform their like-minded friends to also discover your app.
  5. Stay Relevant by keeping your message fresh!
    Put a little effort into understand what motivates your players never hurt a game some.
  6. Lookalike Audiences on Facebook
    Find the similarities in your cohort for the results you are looking for and follow up with good engagement.
  7. Get your app featured
    This is hard to achieve as the social casino market is extremely saturated, but if you can get it done, it can be a gold mine! Learn all those good acronyms, SEO, SMM, ASO, SEM…
  8. Be conveniently accessible
    Make it easy to access your games and cross-platform as possible using FB Connect. It is a great way to support your players and give them accessibilty anywhere and everywhere.
  9. Focused Niche!
    This will help in discovery of engaged players.
  10. Create value
    Think from the mind of your customer. If your players love your game, they will help others discover your app.
  11. Have Good game design
    Discovery in and of itself should not be the goal; it is as important to retain, engage and monetize that track once you have attracted the players to your app. Also known as stickiness in social games, having a good game designer that understands this in your social casino should not be under-valued.
  12. Create an awesome product
    There is always room for a compelling and unique products… and a great product almost always sells itself. By having a strong combination of product, marketing and monetization is a sure way to win! …oh and having a good product means providing a kickass user experience.
  13. Keep learning…pivoting…growing!
    The better understanding you have of the economics acquisition, retention and monetization the better. When you understand how much you can spend in acquiring a user, it will help you drive more traffic and make better decisions for paid traffic sources. “Key to our success is to instrument everything. Visibility into the effectiveness of a campaign, a partner or a game feature is critical to discovery. Once you have visibility, you optimise, further optimise and then optimise some more.” – Paul Matthews, Play Studios

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