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StarCraft Strategy: Broodwars

August 21 LuckyLady

Starcraft is a multi-player online military sci-fi, real time strategy game made by Blizzard Entertainment.

Accumulating many years of playing SC has given me some knowledge and skills of the game. Who would have thought that PC games would reign supreme in the world of gaming. Well actually I had this vision back in the 80’s when I owned an Apple II E playing Ultima. What a great RPG game. StarCraft was the original game then the expansion pack with Broodwars came out soon after. It was a lot more balanced for the “weaker races.” For those who’ve played, majority would agree that Terrans were the strongest followed by the Zergs and Toss although I had a very strong proclivity towards the Toss race due to their advanced weaponary.

Starcraft Strategy

Starcraft Strategy

While there are tons of strategy tips at your disposal I’m going to give out my own tips which enabled me to win in a 3v3 setting on the BGH map. I know, real players use Python or Lost Temple maps. What can I say, I enjoyed playing the unlimited maps with team settings. The way I’m going to break it down is Toss vs Terran, Toss vs Zergs, and finally Toss vs Toss.

Protoss vs Terrans:

Against Terrans the mightiest race of them all, one has to attack quickly and decisively. Whether the terrans go bio (marines and medics) or mech (aka teching going vultures and tanks) you can cannon them early on in the first few minutes. In the past it’s taken many players off guard, but now most are seasoned and prepared for this therefore you have to do it stealthily. Speed is the key. Having team mates support is always a plus. The early cannon method requires a pylon after the 7th probe gets warped in then a forge.

Around this time you should have a probe harassing the SCV building a supply or Barrack either inside the base or at the entrance trying to enclose himself in. Players who build inside are going bio and the ones blockading themselves almost always are teching up. Send a second probe incognito to build a pylon outside or inside the base. Quickly warping in cannons. You should be warping in a gateway soon after too support the cannons while it’s warping otherwise the terrans can simply use it’s own SCVs and even one marine to shoot it down. Timing is of essence. If played out correctly you can take out the barricade and going inside to wreak havoc with your zealots or even taking out the main if you caught the opponent by surprise and positioned the cannons correctly. Some say it’s cheese, but this is actually a very important tactic that’s won me many games. It’s also known as the cannon rush. This serves a dual purpose. Even if it doesn’t necessarily succeed early on, it can be used as an offensive and defensive tool to buy you time to tech up and build dts. Which leads to our next method.

The next method is a early fg which stands for fast gas or fast goons. It can be used in tandem with the cannon method as your opponent is busy defending itself. This requires one to build a Gateway, then an Assimilator to extract gas, followed by a Cybernetics Core. While the Cybernetics Core is warping, build more gateways while your probe is extracting gas. Then you can start pumping out Dragoons which is the best weapon against Terrans early on with it’s range. Sometimes I bypass that and go straight to DTs (dark templars) which are cloaked units. This requires a Citadel Of Adun, followed by Templar Archives. It requires a lot of money and gas to build that’s why it’s considered a tech up. No matter how strong of a player the terran is, if he or she is being distracted it’s tough to build the comsat scanner or Engineering Bay in time with the missile turrets to detect the DTs. You can also shuttle drop the DTs inside the base to wreak havoc. It’s a very effective strategy early on and even in the mid games.

Protoss vs Zergs:

This is probably one of the funner match ups. Zergs get owned by Terrans, but do really well against the slower building Protoss race. Most Zergs 9 pool then rush. It’s standard. Some even five or six pool which is basically a suicide mission. It works if their opponent is near by or taken off guard.

There’s two ways to plays early on. Forge, cannon then contract and go on the offensive. It works on the beginner to intermediate players. The advanced Zergs players will see that and fast expand which usually means you’re probably going to get outmatched in the late game. Sometimes it is vital to defend early on because the Zergs simply build quicker. If you’re a fast mouse clicker then one can even go on the offensive against the Zergs which I happen to like doing. This requires all resources to be invested in warping in two gates right off the bat while pumping out zealots then warping in more gateways to overwhelm the opponent. Dragoons are not always the best units especially if they go all zerglings. However if they choose to go mutalisks then it is prudent to go Dragoons. The strongest units to have are the Templars with storm and the archons. This is in the mid to late games. It’s also good to have a Stargate early on to get Corsairs to knock out the Zerg overlords. One intermediate strategy is to go Corsairs and Dts. It’s quite the combination where the Sairs knockout all the overlords which enable the Zergs to spot out cloaked units. If they’re quick enough they can build spores though which you’ll have to wipe out. After the overlords and spores are wiped out then the DTs can roam freely to destroy the enemy base at will!

Templars and Archons were made to destroy the Zerg race. Even in the backstory they’ve played a pivotal role in defeating the Zergs. This requires a lot of gas since you have to warp in two Temps (not to be confused with Dark Templars) and a fusion of the two to create an Archon which has an attack hit point of 40 with deadly splash effect for those insectoid creatures. If I can get five to 10 of these it’s usually game over. They’re incredibly strong and useful against the Zergs as it attacks both the ground and air units.

Protoss vs Protoss:

It’s definitely a bit of a grind. Imagine playing poker against a rock. Very similar. This game is really about who builds and attacks the quickest. The one big problem of Protoss is the lack of range. Therefore a newer player can simply turtle in with cannons and wait out the game while this forces the other player to build more units, reavers, or even carriers. How many times have you seen a noobie player cannon themselves and go straight carriers. Only noobies. In a 3v3 game they don’t usually make it because their partners are getting attacked thus it’s 2v3 and they’re at a distinct disadvantage. If it’s zealot vs zealot it’s really a matter of who attacks first and who builds the fastest as mentioned above. But if you can tech up and build dragoons early on then you’ll have the advantage. Goons beat zealots especially without leg enhancement upgrades. Personally I like to go all out zealots, it’s more of preference. Protoss doesn’t have too many air units to worry about other than Scouts or Carriers which take at least 10 minutes to build. A couple of key tactics are the reaver drops and temp drops. Reavers are so deadly when used correctly. It’s a slug looking mechanical unit that’s extremely slow, but powerful. If you don’t have d (defense) around your mineral base or goons to shoot down the shuttles it can spell a disaster. It’s a very popular tactic used by pros in 1v1 settings. Next up is my favorite, the temp drops. Imagine spending 10minutes building 30-50 probes. With four temps I can zap at least 50% if not more if I aim correctly. You might have a base still, but your workers are all gone which means zero mineral or gas extraction. No probes = no mineral or gas. No resources = no buildings. No buildings = no units. No units = no army. GG

Hope you enjoyed reading my strategy guide for all the old school SC players out there. I’ll see you on Battlenet.

– JJJ –

In writing this I want to state that I was originally coined a Starcraft champion, but opted for the title of expert.  Disclaimer: I have not won any titles internationally or regionally. Just a self proclaimed recreational player who’s dedicated approximately 15 years of his life playing Battle Net…roflz!

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