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JJJ Gamer

JJJ is our resident gaming enthusiast of all kinds. With a diverse background in everything competitive gaming, JJJ is a StarCraft expert, intermediate chess master, sports betting enthusiast and previous high stakes poker pro. JJJ has requested to keep his identity anonymous and also claims he knows nothing about Bingo or Slots so we promised we’d never force him to write about those things.

Asian Gambling Markets & eSports

Gambling and Asians are quite synonymous.  No surprise that Macau outpaces Vegas in gambling revenu[...]

Chess versus Poker – Mind Games

Chess vs Poker, the parallels and pros of these 2 great strategy games.  Recently I’ve finall[...]

The Poker Comeback

The Poker Comeback It’s been approximately six months or so since I’ve won a live tourna[...]

Best Chip Trick Tutorials

  As long as I’ve played poker I’ve never really bothered to learn any nifty tricks[...]

Molly’s Game Book Review

Molly’s Game Book Review     I found this book by accident perusing the games sectio[...]

Sleep & Poker – The Long Grind

SLEEP +- POKER  How many of you have been stuck and ended up pulling a 24+ hour poker session tryin[...]

StarCraft Strategy: Broodwars

Starcraft is a multi-player online military sci-fi, real time strategy game made by Blizzard Enterta[...]

How to Set up a Great Poker Home Game

Poker home games are a great way to get social with your friends! So what do you need to host and se[...]

Going Broke in Poker

If you are a professional poker player, going broke might just seem like part of the game… It [...]

GAME OVER For Console Games?

Memory Lane of Game Consoles Past & Present  If you were a normal teenaged kid in the 80’s yo[...]
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