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Card Counting Systems

August 2 admin

Perfecting a skill such as Blackjack card counting is definitely a skill that can make you a lot of money.

Blackjack card counting is a system one can employ  to keep track of cards dealt from the deck in order to better understand which cards are to be dealt next. Having this information will give you a competitive edge which can be used to your advantage to adjust your future betting patterns and betting amounts.

Contrary to what many believe,  you don’t have to be some kind of genius mathematician to be good at counting cards in blackjack. With time and dedication, you can master blackjack counting with practice… lots and lots of practice.

There are many different card counting systems which you can try to see which one is best for you. Many variables will determine which system will be best for you including things such as where you play, bet limit, skill level, type of game, length of time of play etc. For beginning players, it is recommended that you learn the most basic system first such as the Hi-Lo count or the KO count. Here is a list of other common card counting systems:

  • Kelly system

  • Zen Count

  • Hi-Lo

  • Uston APC

  • Wong Halves

Back-counting – Counting the cards without actually playing. Back counting is usually done with intent of signalling a Big Player.

To get started on blackjack counting, there are many blackjack counting practice cards that you can find online which you can print out and carry in your pocket so when you have a spare moment, you can practice card counting from anywhere. Keep in mind that blackjack card counting can take months, if not years to master so don’t go in thinking you can become a master blackjack card counter overnight. Remember, practice makes perfect, and this holds true with blackjack card counting as well.

Is card counting  in blackjack illegal?

If you are not colluding (counting with others in a team) or using a counting device such as an electronic counter,  and just using your brain alone to keep track, it is not considered cheating or illegal. However, because casinos lose their competitive edge on you, card counting is of course frowned upon by all gaming establishments. If you get caught you may even asked to leave the premises and never return again.  

Card counting systems is valuable to learn, so if you want to be a great BlackJack player, learn the basics first then check out the different systems to find the one that works for you.

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