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August 2 admin

Here’s a quick tutorial on basic betting strategies.  

There are two types of betting systems.  One is the positive and the other is the negative progression system.  With a positive progression, the general theory is that you increase your bets after wins.  This protects one from losses since you’re only betting with money you’ve won.  It’s a conservative and gradual betting system.

With a negative progression, you raise your bets after your losses much like a Martingale system. This is more dangerous, since a bad run of losses can wipe you out quickly. In its favor, however, it allows you to win on a session in which you’ve lost many more hands than you’ve won.  Since your bets after losses are bigger bets, you don’t have to win so many of them to come back, assuming you can avoid a truly disastrous series of losses that empties your pockets.  This is a gamblers’ method if you will.  ie: Double or nothing wager to simply break even or make a small profit.

Splitting/re-splitting should always be done with 8’s, and of course with Aces.

Never split 4’s, 5’s, or 10’s.

Split 2’s, 3’s, and 7’s, when the dealer is showing a 2 through 7.  If a dealer is showing an eight or better just hit.

Split 6’s when the dealer is showing any card that’s two through six. If the dealer has a seven or better, just take a hit.

Split 9’s against the following dealer up-cards: 2-6, 8-9. If the dealer has a seven, ten, or ace showing, stand.

Find the tables with the lowest minimum around the $5 range.  The max usually goes up to $1,000 for these tables so unless you’re a high roller this doesn’t necessarily pertain to you although it would still be prudent to play on a min table to counterbalance cold streaks.  The main reason is to minimize losses when the deck is at the “negative” count or when the face cards are out.  Most advanced players play two hands simultaneously (without an anchor) which means you have to bet double the table minimum which means it’s actually $10 per hand now.  If you play with an anchor then you can conserve your betting by playing one hand, however if you’re playing two handed you can also maximize your betting and profits.  

Card counters like to play multi-handed to draw out deck rich in good cards, thus improving their odds.  

In order to win consistently one has to recognize the best scenarios to play in.  In a game of cat and mouse the house is always trying to take the players money.

The player must utilize all their knowledge to gain the edge.  There isn’t necessarily a single betting system that allows a player to win consistently or have a distinct advantage over the house.  Finding your own betting system that you’re comfortable with is the key.    


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