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Like most card games, BlackJack strategy is based on mathematics. To win at BlackJack, many casino players look for an edge beyond basic BlackJack strategy and it usually comes in the form of BlackJack counting card systems. In this section we shed light on basic & advanced strategies for winning BlackJack.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with surrender, it’s a player option that some casi[...]

Zen Count Strategy 101

First introduced in a book written by Arnold Snyder called “Black Belt in Blackjack.”   Here[...]

Wong Halves Strategy 101

Wong Halves Blackjack Card Counting 101 Wong Halves – Blackjack counting system is named after[...]

Uston APC

It’s known as an advanced point counting system created by Ken Uston.  It’s rarely used today d[...]


Kelly system was developed by J.L. Kelly Jr. in 1956.  Also known as the Kelly criterion, Kelly str[...]

Hi Lo Blackjack Basics 101

Hi-Lo is a great starting card count system for beginners Hi-Lo Count is the most widely written abo[...]

Card Counting Systems

Perfecting a skill such as Blackjack card counting is definitely a skill that can make you a lot of [...]


Blackjack switch was created by a card counter, Geoff Hall who introduced this blackjack variation i[...]

Card Counting

Card counting can involve a single player, the player and a partner, or a team which includes the an[...]


Here’s a quick tutorial on basic betting strategies.   There are two types of betting systems.  [...]
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