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Play Bingo Online

August 2 admin

There are many places to play BINGO these days online. Now regarded as one of the most popular social games or games played online, Bingo has come along way from the days of smokey Bingo halls filled with cigarette smoking seniors and woman in housecoats.

Bingo games can be found on Facebook, on your iPhones, on your tablets and even on your What’s app Chat rooms. Why is Bingo getting so popular these days and how is it social when you all get cards and then you dab numbers randomly hoping to make patterns?! Well playing online allows you to interact with others during breaks in between each card call. Chatting, leader boards, bingo friends, friendly competition, virtual achievements are all things Bingo lovers want when playing online. Plus you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, and playing Bingo in your house coat is perfectly fine!

Bingo is also not just just a game for the female population either. Bingo is also not referred to as the soft gambling game it once was. In the UK, Bingo actually is played more by men, 55% males and 45% females because the gateway game platform for Bingo and Bingo ads is usually Sports books. Sport books that lead to Bingo or Slot style games include horse and carriage racing, football betting and boxing. The number of balls for Bingo is also different depending on the country style you are playing, ranging from 70 to 90 balls.

Playing online Bingo also allows you to try many of the different variants of Bingo including cool patterns, icons and progressive Bingo jackpots you can’t find in live games. Plus playing Bingo online, you can play with players anywhere in the world!

Some of the most popular online Bingo halls are on Facebook. Here is a list of some popular online poker titles:

  • Lucky Bingo: iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook
  • Bingo Blast: iPhone, iPad
  • Bingo Royale: iPad
  • Big Fish Bingo
  • Bingo Bango
  • Bingo Vegas
  • Bingo Blitz: Facebook
  • Bingo Blingo
  • Bingo Heaven
  • Bingo Rush
  • Bingo Charms

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