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Bridal Shower Bingo Games

August 28 LuckyLady

Make your bridal shower even more fun and exciting with a great game of BINGO

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life because that is the time when family, friends and other loved ones come together to celebrate the love in your life. Playing games such as Bingo is a great way for everyone to interact and is a great ice breaker for people who may not know each other.

Bridal Shower Bingo is one the most popular bridal shower games because everyone knows how to play. Also referred to as Wedding Bingo or Bride Bingo, this game is easy to play and can make you event extra memorable. Be sure to add great prizes for the the BINGO winner! Some ideas for bridal shower prizes include photo frames, soaps, teas, specialty chocolates or scented candles.

Bridal Shower Bingo Card Templates

Bridal Shower Bingo Card Templates

 Download PDF [Download Printable Bridal Shower Bingo Cards]

Congratulations on your new engagement & love….we hope you enjoy the game and have the most amazing day ever.

We would love to see our Bridal Shower Bingo Cards in action, so feel free to send drop us a note on Twitter@LuckyLadyGames or our Facebook page and show us photos your special day!

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