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Bingo Strategy

August 2 admin

Well, I guess the first thing is answering the question “Is there such a thing as BINGO strategy”??

I guess the answer is that there is strategy to anything you do, and if you have a plan you can’t fail. A false-proof strategy to winning Bingo is simply to buy every single bingo card and play by yourself until you hit bingo. Well that’s no fun and you wouldn’t win any money unless your strategy was simply to hit an on-going progressive jackpot perhaps!

There is a book that exists called “How to Win at Bingo” by Joseph E. Granville that promises to  “increase the odds in your favor up to 50%.”. His idea is all about choosing your Bingo cards so that the numbers on the cards don’t have odd or strange sequences in them. Look for a card with good symmetry, meaning don’t have clusters of numbers geared to one particular range of numbers such as B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5. Having a card like this would mean that it is bad symmetry making it harder to hit your number.

Though this strategy makes sense and sounds reasonable, how are you able to choose your own cards while playing Bingo as they are randomly assigned to you in a Bingo card pack. Also mathematically Bingo strategy makes no sense at all, as every card has the same chances of winning as any other card.

The best strategy to increase your win-rate in Bingo is to probably play the maximum amount of cards humanly possible at one time. This way you get more numbers on more cards, increasing your odds of having the WINNING BINGO! But, keep in mind, this can also backfire if you have way too many Bingo cards that you cant keep up. Playing online might fix this as you can auto dab or auto BINGO for you… but that kind of takes away the fun in Bingo!

If you have a Bingo strategy that we are not aware of, please leave it in the comments below! We’d like to know how you Bingo!


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