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Be the World’s Greatest Baccarat Player

March 7 Sandra Wong

So is being the world’s greatest Baccarat player your dream?

With a game so based on luck, how does one become one of the best in the world? While it is said that an 8 deck shoe can be counted, it is still no easy feat to achieve and master.

Let’s take a look at counting Baccarat cards and how you can beat the most played casino game in the Asian Pacific Casino markets.

But if you were to take all the casino regulation and legality issues away, the greatest casino Baccarat player is said to use a computer. The baccarat player would enter cards into a program as he is dealt in which the computer which spit out the edge for the Player vs. banker bets based on what is mathematically remaining in the card shoe.

The Baccarat player would then make a wager based on the expected value of outcome on either banker or player. Keep in mind if any player were to have an edge on the game of baccarat it would need to be at the end of the shoe as the strength of the opportunities and unknowns would be proportional to the number of seen and unseen cards.

Most casinos use dealing procedures that rarely afford players an opportunity advantage to make a wager with fewer than 18 unseen cards overall (including all burn cards).

Computer-Perfect Play, Banker Bet, 18 Unseen Cards

  • Bet frequency:  4.589%
  • Average edge:  0.679%
  • Win per shoe:  $0.031

Computer-Perfect Play, Player Bet, 18 Unseen Cards

  • Bet frequency:  5.909%
  • Average edge:  0.479%
  • Units won per shoe:  $0.028

So with this said, even if you could card count in Baccarat and have perfect computer play, it is not realistic as the edge is small and you would need a huge bankroll to even make any money.

A Baccarat betting system may be the way to go to increase your odds.

Good luck, see you at the Baccarat Tables.



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