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Baccarat Squeeze 101

December 29 Sandra Wong

If you haven’t heard of Baccarat Squeeze Play, then you don’t know the fun of Baccarat!

According to World Gaming magazine “Baccarat is the hottest table game on the planet. People love gambling at this game; it has a very low house edge and you get to squeeze the cards and make the game even more exciting. It’s pretty easy to perfect a basic squeeze so here are a few tips that will have the beginner squeezing like a pro in no time.

The ability to squeeze the cards has been one of the major reasons the game has increased in popularity so much.

This has even be translated on digital mobile apps, and live dealer offerings as the game is becoming more popular. Here is a Photo of squeeze From VIP Bacaratt APP on iOS advertising:


So what is Baccarat Squeezing??

Simply it is the intensity of revealing the card. Your aim is to squeeze slowly so that you build your anticipation and the excitement. Also known as a peel, the squeeze can be done in a number of ways. Here are some facts about the Baccarat Squeeze play.

  • The longer and slower you reveal small sections of the card, the more exciting it is for everyone.
  • Don’t be too slow in your reveal that everyone else gets annoyed. Some squeeze slow, then as soon as they reveal, they go fast. This system is up to you and however you feel makes you the most lucky at Baccarat.
  • Don’t worry about damaging cards, as the cards in Live Dealer Baccarat are never used again in a real casino.
  • Never purposefully rip or destroy cards, but bending, twisting, turning and sometimes folding are all common practice in the Baccarat Squeeze play
  • Some people use 2 fingers to cover the corners, some use one. The system is really up to  you and your liking.
  • Playing cards are rectangular and symmetrical so factor that into you Baccarat Squeeze play.
  • Look for common tells on the playing card. Seeing a face card is an easy way to know that you are starting with 0, which of course is neither good or bad as your second card could very easily be a 9.
  • Revealing a point (art of the suit on the card) is also fun by squeezing a middle as a Point can only be a 2 or a 3.  Revealing a bit more to the middle, means the card can only be a 3 if there is a center suit icon.
  • Only cards that can be a 4 or a 5 has legs or have 2 sides.
  • Only cards that can be a 6,7,8 can have 3 sides.
  • There really are no bad or good first cards in Baccarat Squeeze play, as the hand is only revealed after the second card is shown. Remember your goal is to hit a natural 9.
  • Practice makes perfect. Even in Baccarat Squeeze play!
  • There are many places to practice, and you can even do this alone in your house before going to the casino. We suggest visiting a local casino for extra playing cards so you don’t waste money on buying too many decks that eventually will get damaged anyhow.
  • Last but not leave, understand that the Baccarat Squeeze play makes the game  more exciting! It does not change or have any impact over the cards that come or the result.
  • The goal of Baccarat Squeeze play is to have fun! Just like any casino game.

Casino Gaming Industry News about Baccarat Squeeze

Dec 2015 – Evolution Gaming

“Evolution Gaming, leading provider of Live Casino solutions, will today go live with its first Live Baccarat Squeeze table at William Hill’s recently opened Macau online brand.

In this Baccarat immersive experience, 17 HD cameras will capture all the action and suspense of the game known for being the most popular table game found in Macau’s numerous land-based casinos. The highlight of Evolution’s online Live Casino version of the game is the live squeeze of the cards captured in a series of close-ups.

This William Hill Live Baccarat Squeeze launch heralds the introduction of an all-new, greatly improved range of Evolution Live Baccarat variants for all player types. The range includes: single-camera Live Baccarat, across mainstream shared and VIP shared tables; new Multi-Camera Live Baccarat and new Live Baccarat Squeeze. All game variants, and all new features such as extra side bets and roads, are available on desktop, tablet and smartphone.”


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