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Work Life Balance

Lucky Lady Games believes in Work, Life, Balance. We are real people, with real lives and real stories just like you! This section you will find us talking about everything related to life in a game-studio, entrepreneurship, business and all-round general rantings of life as we know it.

Nominated for ‘Leader of the Year’ 2013 by Woman of Worth!

I feel so honored to be a nomination finalist for ‘Leader of the Year’ 2013 at the Woman[...]

Super Mario Birthday Party!

Having a game geek for a mommy has it’s benefits! Sometimes it’s hard to put as much tim[...]

Mid-life Casino Gaming Blog Crisis

Even casino gaming blogs have resolutions Everyone knows that New Year’s is a good time for re[...]

5 Ways to Be Hire-able in the Animation Industry

Here is a chance to hear from the best! Our very own Jesse Winchester talks about some very importan[...]

“Be a Healthy Techie” Lifestyle Plan

Most of us work sitting in-front of a computer all day. If you work in an office, you probably don[...]

Born to Game…and Make Games

The video game generation (Born in the 70s/80s) has grown up. I bet if you aren’t making them [...]

The Road to Success starts with Humble Beginnings

“Be Passionate, Believe in Yourself and You will Be Successful.” Sounds easy enough... b[...]

Go Make it Happen!

The majority of us (99.99999%), have to wake up everyday and work hard at our dreams in order to mak[...]

The Meaning of Life

It was another hot morning in Dubai. The sun rays were over-lighting the french-styled living room a[...]

The Free-lance ‘X-Factor’ for Success

This world is full of amazingly talented people with no jobs. It’s a reality faced by thousand[...]
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