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Sounding a Social Game

April 2 admin

So now that all the essentials of the Lucky Lady Casino is arted up & in production, we have focused our energies towards another sensory must-have in game design, sound! The game design sound engineering process has been painful to say the least. Unlike all other departments of our studio, this is one area none of the current team has much prior experience with… or in other words, it meaning that we need to outsource this talent and cannot do it ourselves if we want custom created sounds.

Like most start-up game studios, we do not have the luxury of a full-time in-house sound designer. Not only are they very expensive, the equipment & software they work on always requires quite an investment. If you are thinking of creating your own in-home studio, we have estimated around a $20,000 basic studio investment to include computer, software (logic), synth, mic… etc. Most sound people have this already, so in most cases, it is beneficial to just outsource these services as needed.

We have tried many ways of getting sound into our game without breaking the bank which include:

  • Using free sound effects from online sites such as
  • Purchasing royalty free sounds from sites such as
  • Using musicians to create custom music
  • Sourcing sound engineering students looking for experience
  • Friend musicians and sound artists looking to build their game portfolio…etc.

All of the above come with their own positives and negatives, but most importantly in testing all these options, we are reminded that ‘You have to know what you want, before you can get what you want’. So, like anything else in our production pipeline, sound designing requires good direction, or at least some kind of guidance beyond a sound asset list. It took us some time to get to this clarity and now down to the final weeks to our casino launch…

We have built the most kick-ass sound tool/system to test sounds for HTML5 games! Yay! Good Job Ben! >> Insert celebratory sounds here! <<


The sound development tool looks something like this:

We now provide our sound engineering prospects a special tool that allows us to test how sound files work/sound without having to ‘bother’ our programmers with constant requests to fit and test.

How our sound tool works in 6 easy steps:

  1. Create a new directory/folder on your computer
  2. Put the HTML file in that folder with your sounds
  3. Look in the sound asset doc. to make sure files are named correctly
  4. Open it with your browser (Chrome works best)
  5. Choose the game you are sounding from the dropdown
  6. Listen, Test, Finalize sounds!

We can’t wait to add quality custom sounds to the Lucky Lady Casino!

Until next time,


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