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July 30 admin

Spent the last few weeks for hacking away on the Lucky Lady Games Social Casino Blog

We are close to the beta launch of our game which has me super excited again to be creative. It’s been a long journey so far and it definitely has not been an easy road to try to build a social casino start-up in an industry of giants.

I know I rave about my team quite a bit but I just can’t help it! To me, a company is ALL about the people in it. I know I should care more about making money first & foremost, but I have learned that taking care of the people on my team is personally my number 1. I know many business people / higher management might disagree with me but we all work differently and I respect that. I am not by any means a push over, but I definitely believe in creative work freedom. Ben and I really like the employee handbook at Value and the type of company culture they have built. If you have never heard of it & are interested in management philosophies, it is definitely worth a peek.

Building great working relationships with all my key team members makes me feel good and motivates me to continue doing what I do when times get tough. (which happens alot during a start-up!) As Lucky Lady Games continues to grow, I hope that our culture carries forward. You spend a majority of your life with those you work with, so they might as well be the best, most talented and coolest people on the planet right? 🙂

My team inspires me to be better, and I can only hope I do the same for them.

Last few weeks…

Even though it feels like we are “winging it” sometimes, the Lucky Lady Games Social Casino Blog/Portal is planned down to every last gaming keyword. We have put quite a bit of effort into it’s strategy and want to get the foundation right so that we can scale up without having too much resistance. Of course we know we can’t plan for everything so primarily we are just focused on getting it launched.

We went with a WordPress CMS, as it is familiar and offers enough flexibility for our current needs. I messed up a bit by choosing a free theme, (should have known those will come with code issues) but nothing too detrimental as there is always Phase 2 and 3 to switch over to something better. Being a designer, I pretty much ripped it apart anyhow. Ben says we will most likely use the Thesis theme as a foundation when we are ready to scale up and make a responsive version so it will be more suitable for mobile. We will focus more on tech. details & aesthetics after when we have traffic & proven data.

Luckily everyone on our team has web development experience which proves to be super helpful. Though building a social casino blog/web portal seems like it would be an easier project than building casino games, it is actually quite a bit of work because building anything of quality is time consuming. I have very high hopes and am interested in what I will learn from this next step.

Nothing in development is ‘easy’…just ‘easier than’.

Here is part of the Lucky Lady Games Portal wire frame:

Social Casino Blog Wireframe

Our social casino/gaming keyword research looks something like this:

Social Casino Keyword Research

Here is a demo screenshot of the Lucky Lady Games Portal:

Lucky Lady Games Casino Blog

We will be moving this ‘Behind the Scenes’ blog over to the new Lucky Lady Games Website under CASINO BLOG >> BEHIND THE SCENES

I’m happy to be back from my poker travels so that 100% of my working energy can be focused again on building Lucky Lady Games. I have no plans on going anywhere in the immediate future as my daughter starts Kindergarten this year (where did the time go!?) so aside from my mommy duties, I will be online everyday designing, writing up lots of yummy casino content and of course, playing games.

If you are on Twitter, please follow and hit me up on my personal @astrogurl or follow our company Twitter @luckyladygames for the latest in casino and social gaming news. I will most definitely need some outside human contact so please reach out and entertain me.

Until next time, stay lucky and enjoy our brand new social casino website & blog!


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