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Rebecca Solomon joins LLG

April 13 admin

We are please to announce that Rebecca A. Solomon has joined our sound engineering team!

Rebecca will work under the title of Music Producer for the Lucky Lady Casino.

Rebecca aka Beka Solo in the Sound Studio

She goes by the stage name of Beka Solo who grew up in a small community in Northern BC. Originally from Nemiah Valley, an area filled with beautiful mountain and lakes, and now resides in Burnaby BC. Beka was influenced by music her whole entire life, starting with Rock and Roll, because her dad and uncles were in a band. Her many colorful past stories include her falling asleep onstage while the family band was playing.

At the age of 14 Beka started writing poems as a form of therapy, a perfect way of escaping reality. From then on, she progressed into hiphop and rapping and at 23, Beka moved out of her comfort zone to pursue a career in music by studying at the Arts Institute in Vancouver BC. Beka is currently an inspiring artist and producer and we are so proud to be a part of her journey.

She has an amazing ear for what works and is definately born to be doing music. Rebecca Solomon will be working along side Travis Cairney on sounding the Lucky Lady Casino.

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You can check out Beka’s pages here:

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