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Let’s Win the Lottery Together!

November 3 LuckyLady

Ever dream of winning the lottery? Yes, we do too!

But you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket and we know that frequently buying lottery tickets can get expensive, so this is your chance to have a piece of the lotteries without ANY financial risk on your part!

Lucky Lady Games will be doing a online Social Lottery Ticket Share on our blog & Facebook! Every week, we will be purchasing a multi-million dollar lottery ticket which we will share the mega win with you! There is no purchase on your part, simply follow these steps to claim your equal share of the prize:

Lottery Share

  • Under each Facebook page there is a tab… look for this graphic under the main photo:
    Lottery Ticket Share
  • Like the page to get Facebook Fan Access to view the latest lottery ticket photo on the Lucky Lady Games Facebook Page. You can also simply visit the Lottery Ticket directly and comment there as well.
  • You can also find the past lottery tickets and it’s status updates in the Facebook photo gallery album (Lottery Tickets)
  • Comment on the lottery ticket thread/blog post by adding the word “Lucky!” Such as “Im am sooooo Lucky!” or “Lucky is the name of my dog!” (This will register your Name/profile officially as a ticket sharer)

That’s it! Simply be a part of the Lucky Lady Games Social Lottery Team & Cross your Fingers!

If we WIN, then you WIN too!


Lottery Share General Notes

  • Odds of winning will depend on the lottery ticket holders. Lucky Lady Games has no control over this at all.
  • Maximum of 2 lotto share weight per person. Maximum of 4 share weight per household.
  • Time frame of comment must be within 1 week of the lottery draw date to be included in share.
  • No purchase or online play at Lucky Lady Games required. You just have to like & comment.
  • Promotional purposes only. We are not affiliated with any lottery companies.
  • A Lucky Lady Games representative will close the share threads hours before the draw and post the winning lottery numbers within 24 hours of the draw. Any comments and share requests after that close time will not be included in the share of the win.
  • Lucky Lady Games reserves all rights and may change, adjust and add to promotional rules as required.
  • In case of spam and misuse, Lucky Lady Games also reserves full power to discredit, remove and/or block users from this promotion.
  • Lucky Lady Games promotions  are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Read FB Promo Policies.
  • Opened to users 21+ residents of Canada, United States, Australia & UK.

What happens if we actually do win?

  • There will be a min. of $50 per shared person for payout to resume as processing and handling will definitely require some work and it has to be worthwhile for all. All wins below a $50/shared ticket will be put into a progressive pot for a future sweepstakes promotion to one lucky winner!
  • Taxes will be paid before payout is disbursed to Canada tax brackets. (+ Accountant fees to figure this all out will be deducted)
  • Each shared person will have 72 hours to respond to the winning numbers if we do hit it big with full contact info for payment release. For those that do not respond in that reasonable time frame, then monies will be put back into the main pot and redistributed equally to all qualifying winners.
  • ID verification will be required and your real name must match Facebook or YouTube comment post to ensure that the winner is actually you.

So what are you waiting for?? Get Lucky Now —> Visit Lucky Lady Games on Facebook!

Good Luck to all of Us! 🙂

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