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Unity 5 releases full-featured free version

March 3 Sandra Wong

Unity 5 Free version – released with upgrades, full-feature

Unity releases Unity 5, the latest version of its incredibly popular multi-platform engine.

At Lucky Lady Games, we are currently working on a few mobile apps in Unity in hopes of porting it over to HTML5 for launch. This is great news as now we can explore more with indy developers to expand this great engine.

Unity 5 released with upgrades, full-featured free version

In light of the news out of Epic Games March 2, 2015 — that Unreal Engine will be going free-to-download, but charge a 5 percent royalty on games that gross over $3,000 a quarter — Unity’s decision to stick with a more traditional pricing structure will raise eyebrows. It’s $75 a month, or $1,500 up-front — but no royalty will ever be charged.

What is Unity?

Unity is an entire ecosystem of tools and services designed for people who want to build a successful business by creating multiplatform games and interactive content. The Unity ecosystem is available to anyone who downloads the Unity engine.

Want to learn Unity?

Learn how to use Unity with free tutorials, online training and product documentation right on their website Unity Manual. Join the community and find the forum that’s right for you. Start browsing thousands of ready-made assets and production tools in the Asset Store. Get developing with Unity!

Ready to download Unity 5? Find out more about how you can do it all with Unity 5 latest release: Create outstanding games, connect to your true fans, and achieve greater success. Get Unity 5, Lean what’s included in the personal edition of Unity 5 and the Professional Edition of Unity 5.

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SOURCE: Gameasutra

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